Scapa Achieves Full Control over Segregation of Duties with Appsian Security’s ProfileTailor GRC Suite


Compelled to address SoD issues within the company – specifically on order to cash and procure to pay processes – Scapa set out to find an affordable solution for long-term monitoring and management. Scapa was discouraged to realize that the market-available options required integration into SAP, long implementation, and SAP expertise.

In need for immediate results and concerned of overloading its SAP system, Scapa could not afford a time-consuming implementation process or any change to its SAP system. After searching the market at length, Scapa was finally introduced to Appsian’s ProfileTailor GRC, which best answered Scapa’s demands.

ProfileTailor GRC is installed externally to SAP and requires no SAP consultants or additional expenses other than license costs. Furthermore, it is uniquely implemented within days, delivering immediate results, and offering fully automated processes for achieving full control over SoD violations.


After extensive testing, Scapa chose Appsian’s solution as its preferred SoD management tool. Following just two days of implementation and training, ProfileTailor GRC was up and running, monitoring, alerting, and delivering results as expected. Scapa was able to immediately receive an analysis report of the company’s existing SoD issues, while ProfileTailor GRC began learning the actual behavior of all users on all systems.

After only a few weeks, ProfileTailor GRC delivered continuous monitoring, immediate alerts, and notifications of new SoD violations and high-risk activities throughout the organization. Scapa was able to easily implement SoD on order to cash and procure to pay processes, identifying irregular usage behavior or high-risk profile assignments, and maintaining an overall proactive approach to security and control.


  • Reliable and accurate auditing, management and alerting of SoD violations
  • Automated, ongoing real-time monitoring of all users and activities:
    • See what users actually run
    • Find out who uses SAP the most
    • bserve who has never run a transaction
  • User behavior-based analysis and profiling for enhanced security and control
  • Matrix-based reports for facilitating user training

“Choosing Appsian’s ProfileTailor GRC for our organization has proven to be an excellent decision. We have now maintained control over Segregation of Duties, locating any sensitive accounts and identifying the actual user and exact time of use. These achievements were essential for protecting our SAP investment, as well as for ensuring successful audits in the future.”

“Appsian solicits ideas from customers to guarantee that the user’s perspective comes first. Appsian uniquely takes users’ requests and suggestions from the field to the practical level, and on various occasions our suggestions have been included in ProfileTailor GRC.”

Richard Symes, SAP Competence Manager, Scapa


Tape solutions for healthcare, industrial and electronics


ProfileTailor GRC Suite


Scapa is a worldwide leading manufacturer of bonding products and adhesive components for the industrial, healthcare and electronics markets.

  • Implement a reliable solution for managing
  • Segregation of Duties (SoD) in the shortest time possible
  • Resolve SoD-related issues previously deferred
  • Audit compliance
  • Reduce business risk and prevent fraud
  • Protect SAP investment
  • Remained within budget
  • Installed, up and running in days
  • SoD processes implemented successfully
  • Repeated decrease in SoD violations
  • Complete control over sensitive access
  • Realized rapid ROI

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