Security Teams

Protect ERP Data and Transactions from
Internal and External Threats

Challenges In the Modern Business Environment

ERP applications store and process a large volume of data that must be protected from internal and external threats. Moreover, safeguarding ERP data is even more challenging as organizations adopt a hybrid working model. As a result, security teams are under pressure to manage a vast attack surface while balancing the needs of a mobile workforce with traditionally static Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) without disrupting business and productivity.

How Appsian Can Help

The Appsian Security Platform enables security teams to strike the perfect balance between data security and user productivity while maintaining a hybrid working model.

Enforce Zero Trust Security

Enforce Zero Trust Security

Simplify adoption of Zero Trust security for multi-vendor ERPs.

  • Dynamic policies for partial or full access to sensitive data and transactions
  • Mask sensitive data at the field level, grant access only after trust is established
  • Continuously monitor transactions and data access across your ERP

Data Loss Prevention

Protects data and controls access to personally identifiable information (PII), financial data, and intellectual property from external and insider threats.

  • Prevent data leakages from query and search pages in HTML or Excel format
  • Get real-time visibility into data access and receive alerts on suspicious user activities
  • Get insights into compliance posture across your ERP deployment
Data Loss Prevention
Enable Mobile Working Securely

Enable Mobile Working Securely

Appsian’s Attribute-Based Access Controls (ABAC) can help businesses adopt secure hybrid or remote working models with confidence.

  • Extend corporate resources to mobile workers based on user attributes without compromising security and productivity
  • Establish trust before granting access to data or transactions based on location, time, and other attributes
  • Allow partial or full access to sensitive data and transactions with dynamic user privileges

Granular Visibility and Security Analytics

Real-time visibility into data access, transactions, and suspicious user activities

  • Individualized behavioral profiling and anomaly detection
  • 24×7 monitoring of ERP data access and transactions
  • Detailed ERP logs for detecting suspicious user behavior and faster incident response
Granular Visibility and Security Analytics

Key Benefits for Security Teams

  • Simplifies Zero Trust security adoption
  • Provides real-time visibility for monitoring and rapid incident response
  • Integrates with SIEM to streamline security operations
  • Protects from external and internal threats
  • Maintains detailed logs via CCM for audit trail analysis

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