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Automate User Provisioning to Ensure Compliance

Having to manually search through hundreds or thousands of profiles to find the appropriate roles to assign a user is not only time-consuming but it’s also a huge inconvenience that can lead to human errors and frustrated users. Granting more access than what a user needs in order to save time is one of the leading causes of Segregation of Duties (SoD) conflicts and puts the organization at risk for potential fraud.

Granting access through automation is key to maintaining compliance and adhering to various regulations. ProfileTailor GRC by Appsian Security provides SoD controls while automating user provisioning, reducing the amount of manual work required, and providing an audit trail of documents.

Empowering End Users

Empower end users to request additional authorizations using our step-by-step employee portal. End users will be able to monitor and track the progress of their requests.

To limit the number of requests to be reviewed, ProfileTailor GRC has the capabilities of approving non-risk related access requests automatically without any IT intervention. This automation can drastically reduce the time needed to approve requests.

End to End User Provisioning with Enhanced Security Control

To ensure a smooth process, significantly save on resources, and avoid unnecessary complications such as SoD conflicts, ProfileTailor GRC guides the user through a user-friendly and straightforward process that prevents over-provisioning and allows organizations to maintain access control.

Key Features

  • Email Enabled Request Workflows

    Approve or deny all requests with ease via email from anywhere

  • Seamless Integration

    Connect to multiple and cross-platform applications

  • Audit ready Documentation

    All requests & approvals are properly documented for future audits

  • Built in Enhanced Security

    Various security tests are performed to verify there are no risks including SoD

  • User Friendly Interface

    Using only a browser, users select the authorizations needed

What Makes ProfileTailor GRC Unique

  • Integrated Natural-Language Processing (NLP) helps identify urgent requests and places them at the front of queue.
  • Intelligent Assistance reduces the number of multiple access requests submitted by employees by cross referencing similar requests and other user profiles.
  • If a user is granted a role not processed through ProfileTailor GRC, the system sends an alert indicating that someone has bypassed standard procedures.

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