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Sophisticated Access Controls for Dynamic Environments

Security best practices begin with employing least privilege. The Appsian Security Platform allows you to leverage the context from where access is coming from and apply permissions accordingly. Whether a user is accessing their ERP from a secure network or the open internet, you can decide exactly what they can view and what transactions they can execute.

Enable least privilege for different contexts of user access:

  • Restrict high privilege access to your secure network only
  • Block the most sensitive transactions (ex. changing direct deposit info) from being executed outside your network
  • Implement additional security challenges like MFA or data masking when access occurs outside your network

Key Appsian Security features:

  • Downgrades high privilege users (ex. Administrators) to lower privilege users if PeopleSoft is accessed outside of secure network
  • Leverage additional security challenges (ex. MFA) for all users if performing transactions outside of secure network
  • Controlled by a configurable rules engine

Key Benefits Of Appsian

  • Enhanced Security

    Execute a robust policy of enforcing data access while ensuring your most sensitive transactions are not executed from an unfamiliar network.

  • Increased Productivity

    Employing contextual security means you can customize security challenges – rather than rely on one-size-fits-all rules that may restrict users from accomplishing tasks.

  • Reduced Complexity

    Since Appsian leverages a robust rules engine, creating and enforcing security rules is streamlined and simple. Administration is browser-based, which greatly reduces the complexity of ongoing platform management.

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