Redefine Periodic User Access Review for Oracle 

Elevate Your Periodic Reviews With Automated Workflows And Audit Trails

What are Periodic User Access Reviews?

Periodic Reviews are a process whereby all user access within Oracle ERP apps like E-Business Suite (EBS) and JD Edwards is reviewed on a periodic basis. Most organizations typically conduct some sort of access review at least once per year. The access review process is often done with inadequate understanding of the risks involved in approving inappropriate access and there is little to no accountability.


Conducting Periodic User Access Reviews for Oracle ERP applications is a cumbersome, inefficient, and time-consuming process that is considered a major administrative overhead. It can swallow up a lot of technical effort to produce complex (and often inaccurate) user access reports. Business managers have to wade through reams of unintelligible data to get meaningful information.


Appsian’s Periodic Access Review automates the process to reduce the effort needed, speed up the turnaround time and improve accountability of Oracle ERP user reviews. The solution provides full visibility of risk so that better, more informed decisions can be made during the access review process. It enables you to:

  • Produce review reports with the touch of a button
  • Present business managers with clear information which they can understand and easily review
  • Capture data on approvals, rejections and explanatory notes
  • Quickly and easily produce evidence for auditors

How it works?

Periodic Access Review provides streamlined reviews with a complete audit trail, including notifications, reminders, provisioning, and de-provisioning to conduct Process Owner, Supervisor and custom reviews.

Once an access review is initiated, the solution:

  • Automatically notifies relevant users to undertake their reviews
  • Issues reminders to chase tardy reviewers as necessary
  • Enables reviewers to update the assignments themselves as they check them, reducing the burden on IT staff
  • Automatically removes assignments that are rejected during the reviews (optional)
  • Notifies the review initiator once the reviews are completed
  • Maintains a full audit trail to provide evidence for your auditors

Key Features

  • Conduct multiple reviews simultaneously
  • Accelerate review completion and streamline escalations
  • Automate de-provisioning for rejected access
  • Proactive Segregation of Duties check during approval process
  • Full documentation, with comprehensive reporting

Key Benefits

  • Streamline access reviews

  • Substantial time/cost savings

  • Eliminate manual processes

  • Help satisfy auditors

  • Rapid return on investment


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