The Appsian Security Platform

Unified Solutions for Data Security, IAM, & GRC

Designed to Protect ERP Data & Business Transactions

Deliver powerful capabilities for managing user access to data, preventing compliance policy violations, limiting exposure of sensitive data, and detecting & responding to threats. There has never been a more sophisticated way to prevent data security and compliance risks from harming your organization.

Platform Capabilities

  • Identity and Access Management

    • Natively integrate enterprise IAM solutions like SSO and MFA to streamline and secure authentication.
    • Enable integration of SAML/ADFS for seamless single sign-on without the need for custom development or proxy servers.
    • Apply real-time contextual information to determine access privileges to business data.
    • Enable dynamic MFA at application layer and step-up authentication at transaction layer with MFA embedded on any data field.
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance

    • Analyze your full ERP ecosystem for potential SoD conflicts and resolve them through automated role analysis/risk assessment and provisioning/de-provisioning.
    • Reduce the amount of manual work required for managing user authorizations.
    • Prevent SoD violations in real-time and create alerts for additional remediation.
  • Data Security

    • Dynamic enforcement of full or partial data masking on any data field.
    • Use click-to-view logging to create an audit trail of user activity.
    • Use attribute-based access controls to enable least privilege. Reduce risk created by a dynamic access environment.

Key Differentiators

Learn What Sets the Appsian Security Platform Apart From the Rest
Rapid Implementation in Less Than Four Weeks

ASP’s lightweight plug-in is installed on the app server along with ASP configuration in the application database. Implementation typically takes less than four weeks to go live.

No Effect on System Performance

The Appsian Security Platform is inline and avoids network hops that delay performance. The platform is known to have minimum resource utilization.

No Business Disruption

Appsian has a support team available 24/7 to assist with any challenges. Timely software packages are made available to customers with each ERP application update.

Optimize Your ERP Spend

Quickly identify duplicate and inactive application users. Optimize and assign application license type based on usage or roles.

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Key Use Cases

  • Secure Remote Access with Zero Trust

    Enforce Zero Trust authentication policies that considers a user’s contextual attributes like the location of access, time of the request, and others, before establishing trust and granting access to data or transactions.

  • Detect & Prevent Fraud, Theft, and Error from Insiders

    Detect and prevent insider threats from intentional or inadvertent data policy violations. Use a combination of zero trust identity governance, dynamic access controls, data masking and visibility solutions to ensure that sensitive data and transactions are not compromised.

  • Prevent Business Process Risks in Real-Time

    Leverage dynamic access controls to prevent SoD violations, potential security risks, rate limiting in financial transactions, creation of new roles, changes to master data, and much more.

  • Streamline Audit and Compliance Reporting

    Pre-built compliance reports for SOX, GDPR, and CCPA help ease complex regulatory requirements. These ready-to-use reports help respond to audit challenges promptly and contain data breaches faster.

  • Streamline Segregation of Duties Management and Enforcement

    Automate SoD reporting and policy enforcement. Eliminate countless hours of authorization management, preparing reports, and enforcing rules. Reduce SoD violations while reducing manual processes.

  • Hear From Our Customers

    Cybersecurity is a priority for the State, and Appsian’s solution allowed us to enhance our security posture to provide even stronger safeguards of our critical systems and personnel data, while providing greater visibility for administrators into transaction-level detail.

    Jeff Larshus
    Director of State Financial Services,
    State of North Dakota Office of Management and Budget


Key IAM Technology Integrations

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