What is an Adaptive
Security Architecture?

Learn Why Adaptive Security Has Become Necessary for SAP

What is Adaptive Security?

Agility is the name of the game in today’s SAP security landscape. Being able to detect threats as they happen, quickly address those threats, and continuously improve your security posture is crucial. However, getting here is a challenge in itself.

One strategy that is helping organizations become more proactive is aligning to an Adaptive Security Model. Focused on standardizing agile, context-aware, and adaptive security technologies – the adaptive security model enables you to strengthen security and leverage automation for continuous improvement.

Example of an Adaptive Security Architecture

Adaptive Security Architecture

7 Imperatives for an Adaptive Security Architecture


Replace static, SAP access controls with adaptive context-based access control


Perform initial risks and threats assessment


Continuous monitoring and analysis of new risks and threats


Enable full-stack risks and threat assessment, including sensitive data handling


Use analytics, AI and automate to improve detection and response capability


Implement security system as an integrated adaptive solution, not silos.


Enable continuous, data-focused, risk-based decision making into BUs and product owners

How Appsian Security Enables Adaptive Security

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