Dynamic Multi-Factor Authentication

Enable Zero Trust in PeopleSoft. Integrate with Leading MFA Providers Like Duo & Okta

Add a Layer of Identity & Data Security. Integrate MFA on Any PeopleSoft Page or Data Field

Appsian facilitates the direct integration of enterprise multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions like Duo, OKTA, SafeNet, Microsoft Authenticator & more with PeopleSoft. Leverage the contextual attributes of a user’s access, along with PeopleSoft artifacts (role, employee data, etc.) to determine if and when a user encounters an MFA challenge. There has never been a more effective way for organizations to protect against hackers using stolen credentials.

Improved Authentication Without User Friction

  • Dynamic MFA at login, page, data field level
  • Enforce strict identity and device zero trust policies
  • Streamline access policies in a BYOD environment
  • Deploy step-up authentication for sensitive transactions


Enable the Native Integration of Enterprise MFA Solutions

The Appsian Security Platform (ASP) allows organizations to quickly and efficiently integrate enterprise MFA solutions from Duo, Microsoft, SafeNet, and more, with ERP applications like PeopleSoft, Oracle EBS, and SAP. With Appsian’s adaptive MFA, companies can enforce MFA at login and inside the application at the field, page, and component levels. Every authentication request is analyzed for level of risk and MFA challenges are deployed accordingly.

Configurable Solution

Plugs directly into the PeopleSoft Web Server without any additional infrastructure or customizations and provides regular updates aligned to PeopleSoft releases.

Fastest Path to MFA Integration

With a simple plug-in, Appsian enables organizations to deeply integrate their MFA with PeopleSoft in as little as 2 weeks. No added customizations, hardware or complexity.


Enforce challenges based on existing PeopleSoft artifacts and/or contextual attributes like location, device, time-of-day, # of access attempts, etc.

User Activity Logging

Implement ‘click-to-view’ or ‘MFA to view’ to create a logged record of access.

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