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Legacy ERP Applications Lack Modern Data Security and Compliance Controls

With the expansion of remote access, the shift to user-centric threats, and the growing number of data privacy and regulatory mandates, organizations using legacy ERP applications like PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite, and SAP (ECC/S4HANA) are facing challenges when it comes to data security, privacy, governance, and compliance.

The primary digital transformation issue facing legacy ERP applications is that they were designed with ease-of-access to data as the primary objective. They weren’t designed to scale to meet present and future data security demands, resulting in data security and compliance threats evolving while native ERP security features staying the same. A full-blown digital transformation of a legacy ERP system can take tens of millions of dollars and several years, and large-scale “rip-and-replace” projects are disruptive to business operations. Instead, organizations can take a data-centric approach to modernizing their applications with sophisticated solutions that give them complete control and visibility over their data access and usage.

Limitations of Modernizing Legacy ERP Systems

  • Native role-based access control (RBAC) cannot keep up with the growing complexity of access policy management, especially as remote access remains a requirement.

  • Static access controls can overly-restrict access and potentially hinder authorized work because they do not consider the context of access

  • Traditional ERP application logs were not designed to quickly provide the data access & usage information necessary to meet the growing number of data security requirements

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A Comprehensive Platform for Adaptive Risk Management

The Modern Approach to ERP Digital Transformation

  • Enhance Access Controls with Dynamic Authorization Policies

    Leverage the contextual attributes of access such as geolocation, time of day, and IP address to better control user access

  • Expand the Use of Data Masking

    Deploy dynamic data masking across all sensitive fields that might be a target for unauthorized activity

  • Enable Stepped-Up Multi-Factor Authentication

    Adding MFA at the transaction level ensures users re-authenticate if they are trying to access sensitive data

  • Capture and Visualize User Behavior

    Monitor data access and usage information and highlight anomalous behavior patterns that may indicate risk

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Unique Benefits

  • Maximize Your ERP Investment

    Modernize legacy applications to meet current business and data privacy requirements

  • Modernize Risk Management

    Enable data privacy compliance with greater control and visibility over data access

  • Extend Access Beyond the Firewall

    Provide secure, remote access to users using dynamic & fine-grained authentication, authorization & visibility

  • Lightweight & Quick-to-Deploy Solutions

    Natively integrated into ERP web server without requiring customizations or additional servers


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