Strengthen SAP Security Controls

Enforce SAP Security with Automated SoD, ABAC, Data Masking & Transaction Control

Prevent SAP Data Risks in Real-Time

Appsian enables SAP customers to efficiently address the risks associated with ERP data and transactions. Extend and modernize the SAP security model by adding sophisticated controls that prevent unauthorized access and minimize business risk in real-time. Gain continuous visibility to detect threats and streamline audits and compliance processes.

Using a data-centric approach, Appsian overcomes the limitations of traditional controls – allowing you to fully align SAP security policies with the objectives of your business.

Gain Greater Control Over Your Risk Exposure

  • Mitigate Remote Access Risks

    Strengthen least privilege by dynamically controlling access to high-risk data and transactions based on where users are coming from.

  • Strengthen Data Privacy Compliance

    Rapidly scale data minimization throughout SAP and capture a complete audit trail of sensitive data access. 

  • Streamline Segregation of Duties

    Control SoD violations at run-time, regardless of a user’s role-based privileges, to prevent SoD violations and capture an actionable audit trail.

  • Uncover Business Risks

    Identify high-risk access, business rule violations, and anomalous activity with logging that captures data-level and contextual information in real-time.

Extend SAP Security Controls. Enhance Role-Based Access Controls with Attribute-Based Access Controls

Appsian combines SAP’s role-based access controls with an attribute-based access control solution that delivers an ABAC + RBAC hybrid approach. This approach enables granular control and visibility that delivers a wide range of business benefits and lets you deploy data-centric security policies that leverage the context of access in order to reduce risk. Residing natively in the SAP App Server, the solution requires no additional hardware, and its direct integration delivers unparalleled capabilities.

Key Features

Policy-Based Data Protection

Implement data masking in SAP using a single, one-to-many policy enhancement. Dynamically enforce data masking and data exfiltration rules based on context to protect data in high-risk access scenarios.

Preventive Business Process Controls

Enforce business rules with a technical control that can set limits at the field level, consider previous activity, and minimize reliance on manual compensating controls.

Risk-Aware Dynamic Authorizations

Align controls to real-world risk by extending authorization logic to include contextual attributes such as IP address, location, time of day, previous activity, and more.

Data-Centric Analytics & Continuous Monitoring

Combine granular insights with enriched processing to capture the information you want, when you want it – without the noise or manual effort.

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Use Cases

  • Zero Trust Authentication

    The keys to enabling zero trust are authenticating users based on dynamic rules and re-authenticating when trying to execute a sensitive transaction.

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  • Security & Compliance Audit Response

    Understanding details around ERP data access and usage is critical for maintaining strong security and compliance audit strategies.

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