Manage User Access, Achieve Greater Control Over ERP Risks, & Gain Complete Visibility into User Activity

  • SAP security boils down to managing access and protecting data. Appsian helps organizations of all sizes and maturity levels pursue this journey towards secure and compliant access with a suite of solutions designed with simplicity in mind.
Manage User Access with Ease, Gain Greater Control Over ERP Risks, and Capture Complete Visibility into User Activity

Control Risk with Confidence & Efficiency

Simplify SAP Access Governance

Manage roles and authorizations using automated, risk-aware recommendations that save time and ensure compliant access.

Protect Sensitive SAP Data

Easily scale SAP data masking and data exfiltration controls without the need for custom code or role and authorization changes.

Mitigate Fraud & Business Process Risks

Rapidly analyze your ERP ecosystem for any SoD violations, potential risks, and leverage automated suggestions to expedite remediation.

Automate Compliance & Audit Workflows

Shrink the effort required to complete access certifications and SOX audits from weeks to hours.

Cover the Foundation of SAP Access Governance

Cover the Foundation of SAP Access Governance

  • Excessive access and unnecessary ERP risks have been the byproduct of complex access management solutions, siloed visibility, and an over-reliance on manual processes.
  • Detective and preventive internal controls identify and prevent violations

Automating SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance

User Provisioning   User Provisioning/De-Provisioning

Automatically grant or revoke access privileges throughout the entire user lifecycle (mover, joiner, leaver) in SAP and beyond. Ensure access is compliant, audit is satisfied, and the risks of insider threats are mitigated.

Segregation of Duties   Segregation of Duties

Identify, analyze, and resolve SoD violations faster than ever before using detailed behavioral analysis and automated suggestions. Get clean, stay clean, and eliminate the complexities in SoD.

Role Management   Role Management

Easily organize, understand, and control user authorizations across your ERP landscape. Gain unprecedented visibility into authorization usage, high-risk roles and assignments – and quickly remediate access risks using automated analysis and suggestions.

Access Requests   User Access Requests

Streamline your access request workflows, mitigate risks, and capture a complete audit trail of access requests and approvals. Reduce manual effort and significantly increase security and confidence with ProfileTailor’s end-to-end access request process.

Access Certification   Access Certification

Easily organize, understand, and control user authorizations across your ERP landscape. Gain unprecedented visibility into authorization usage, high-risk roles and assignments – and quickly remediate access risks using automated analysis and suggestions.

Emergency Access   Emergency Access

Grant emergency access with security-approved workflows and capture audit-ready reporting. Automate the release of access rights, limited in scope necessary for the specific task, and revoke access after custom-defined timeframes.

Extend SAP Security Controls with Fine-Grained, Data-Centric Protection

Transaction-level access controls aren’t always enough. Managing residual risk posed by sensitive data exposure and critical business processes often requires a finer-grained approach. Data privacy protections, trade regulations, and the shift towards a hybrid/remote workforce has many organizations seeking solutions to control access in ways not possible with standard SAP security functionality.
Using the Appsian Security Platform, SAP ECC and S/4HANA customers can unlock a new layer of control suited for modern security challenges. Appsian Security adds attribute-based access controls (ABAC) into SAP for a contextual, granular-level approach to securing access. ABAC policies consider user, data, and access attributes to mitigate risks in real-time, all without needing to modify existing roles and authorizations. This enables the rapid deployment of wide-spread controls, such as data masking, as well as simplifying the enforcement of fine-grained and dynamic controls.

Enhancing Controls Beyond Roles

Data Protection

Data Masking Data Exfiltration

Business Process Controls

Rate Limiting Control Transaction Frequency Dynamic SoD Exceptions

Zero Trust Authorizations

Location-based Authorizations Anomalous Access Prevention

Make an Impact with Unrivaled Visibility

  • Appsian’s granular visibility into SAP activity combined with AI-powered UEBA delivers time-saving automation throughout the organization. From audit and compliance to threat detection and response, Appsian’s 360 Analytics delivers the information you want, when you want it – without the noise or manual effort.
  • Data-Centric– Capture granular insight down to the field-level values to uncover details that matter
  • Contextual – Gain a complete picture of risk with data, system, and network context tied to SAP user activity
  • Light Weight – Track what you want, when you want it, using a configurable solution with negligible performance impact
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Unlocking Value Across Your Organization

Audit & Compliance
  • Enable Continuous Audit and Continuous Controls Monitoring to allow teams to focus on high-impact, value-creating work
  • Minimize SoD risk by automatically capturing 100% of violations and cut manual analysis efforts by 90%+ with false-positive free reporting
  • Simplify Data Privacy Compliance with a 360-degree view of data access and usage
  • Detect relevant security incidents with individualized user baselining and granular, SAP-specific data points not captured by traditional UEBA solutions
  • Accelerate incident response with enrich data access information containing attributes like IP address, user role, geographic location, device, and more
  • Capture authentication trends like failed login attempts and be alerted to potential brute force attacks
  • Shrink the risk of excessive access by automatically identifying unused authorizations in roles and individual users
  • Optimize SAP licensing spend by fully understanding authorizations impact, classifications, and actual utilization

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