Oracle EBS Security

Drive Oracle EBS Security Across Application & Data Access. Ensure Audit Readiness

  • Appsian holistically protects Oracle EBS by automating user authentication (SAML SSO), safeguarding sensitive data, and identifying SoD violations with on-demand audits. In addition, Appsian provides granular insights to remediate threats and comply with SOX, CCPA, and GDPR.
Oracle EBS Security Across Application

Appsian Delivers A Comprehensive Approach

Single Sign-On (SAML)

Enable SAML integration in Oracle EBS with enterprise SSO solutions like Okta, Ping Identity, Azure/ADFS, and more. Appsian facilitates seamless access to Oracle EBS with one set of credentials supporting various device types without the need for custom development or proxy servers.

Data Masking

Mask sensitive PII and financial data at the field level across different user form screens (legacy application screens/non OAF/Java Screens). In addition, the solution provides click-to-view that can expose sensitive data after the user has clicked on the masked field or cleared the multi-factor authentication challenge.

Security Audits

The cloud-based audit service analyzes Oracle EBS security and SoD posture. It comes with built-in 150 SoD rulesets that can customize to suit your organization’s policies. The audit results are delivered within hours, with reduced false positives. It also provides insights into security weaknesses and helps prevent financial fraud and compliance violations with periodic scans.

The Appsian Security Platform

Appsian Addresses Key Use Cases For Oracle EBS

Simplify Authentication

Simplify Authentication

With Appsian, organizations can extend their enterprise Single Sign-on to Oracle EBS. This integration helps simplify user authentication and eliminates additional logins if the user is already authenticated with the identity provider – without customizations or additional hardware.

PII Data Protection

PII Data Protection

Appsian protects sensitive PII and financial data to prevent willing and unintentional data leakages. With click-to-view, every data access is logged for auditing. This audit trail can help investigate employee snooping charges to detect violators.

SoD Compliance Management

SoD Compliance Management

Whether you’re preparing for an external audit or seeking to improve your security to prevent fraud, Appsian provides rapid, accurate, and repeatable SoD reporting and security analysis, which yields enormous time and cost savings.

Appsian Addresses Key Use Cases For Oracle EBS

Appsian Addresses Key Use Cases For Oracle EBS

  • Reduced complexity of custom development for SSO integration
  • Faster time to detect and respond to SoD violations
  • Minimize unwanted data exposure
  • Costs savings in audit and compliance
  • Enhanced security and productivity

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