SAP License Auditor

Optimize Your SAP Investment With Automated License Management

Optimize Your SAP Budget With License Auditor

  • Due to SAP’s complex licensing environment, organizations are compelled to find a way to secure their SAP investments and manage their SAP licenses effectively. Appsian supplies ultimate control over SAP licensing by combining user inspection, user behavior-analysis methods and best practices.
Optimize Your SAP Budget With License Auditor
License Based On Usage For Immediate Savings

License Based On Usage For Immediate Savings

  • Unlike many other SAP license optimization solutions, Appsian tracks the ACTUAL behavior of each SAP user. By utilizing Appsian license auditor, organizations will never be under or over-licensed again. Organizations will be able to purchase the licenses needed based on their actual utilization of the SAP system.
  • Amount of Activity – Counting dialog steps allows organizations to allocate the most suitable license type based on how much the user used SAP as a whole.
  • Type of Usage – Counting the number of transactions used allows organizations to allocate license types based on the how much of the SAP system the user has utilized.
  • Groups – The most suitable license type will be assigned to a user based on how or according to which ways a user used SAP.
  • Customized Definitions – Any combination of allocation type or any unique format requested by the organization.
Appsian Platform Overview

Save 100% on dormant accounts, 50-90% for each re-classified license, 50% on license management resources, and 15+% on total maintenance fees.


Key Features:

  • Provides a clear view of currently available licenses within minutes
  • Immediately identifies dormant, underused, misclassified and duplicate accounts
  • Automatic analysis based on usage compared to licensing agreement to ensure compliance
  • Detailed audit reports for each user with current and optimized license classification
Key Features
Tackling Indirect Access

Tackling Indirect Access

  • Appsian identifies suspicious user accounts that might be used for indirect access by defining third-party applications, including related user accounts, inspecting third-party applications to point out possible risks for indirect access.
  • Appsian provides immediate notifications of new potential indirect access providing ongoing optimization.

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