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Understand ERP Data Access & Usage With More Clarity Than Ever Before

Appsian360 Provides the most powerful, real-time view into ERP data access & usage

Featuring a visually rich dashboard enriched with full contextual detail, Appsian360 provides the actionable insights necessary to: combat security threats, uncover insider fraud, effectively respond to audit findings, enable compliance, ensure user productivity, and more.

Data Security Threats In Real-Time

Appsian360 proactively alerts you to security threats like hacking, phishing, misuse of privileged accounts, and many more. Quickly receive the information required to fully enable forensic investigations:

  • Identify data access & usage trends that reflect suspicious activity
  • Enrich data access information with attributes like IP address, user role, geographic location, device, etc., to understand full context
  • Capture authentication trends like failed login attempts and be alerted to potential brute force attacks

Uncover Hidden Business Risks

Appsian360 helps you detect and respond to fraud, theft, and errors by employees and 3rd parties (vendors, consultants, etc.) Maintain a complete view of sensitive business transactions, and what (specific) users are doing:

  • Monitor and alert to changes in Master Data
  • Capture granular transaction details like discounting, PO amount increases, recurring purchases, etc.
  • Capture details on users creating new vendors, purchase orders, requisitions, etc.

Monitor Employee Productivity

Appsian360 helps you maintain oversight as users process and execute business transactions. Use these insights to ensure efficient staffing and identify potential bottlenecks in critical HR, payroll, and finance activities:

  • Get detailed information on transaction volume, cycle time, array of data accessed, etc.
  • Get alerts if members of the same department are looking at each other’s information
  • Capture contextual details on privileged sessions

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