Maintaining Data Privacy in PeopleSoft

Strengthen Compliance with regulations (GDPR, FERPA and CCPA)

With the increasing focus on PII accountability, it is essential that organizations review their security infrastructure, and optimize internal policies to minimize risk factors. Regulations like GDPR, CCPA, FERPA, etc pose an excellent opportunity for ERPs to fortify their data by enforcing strict access policies – especially for applications like PeopleSoft that contain sensitive data on hundreds of pages.

It is crucial now more than ever that the huge amount of PII gathered across your PeopleSoft applications is not left unmanaged and unaccounted for.

Apart from the urgent need of the hour, establishing compliance regulations is an excellent opportunity for organizations to review and reinforce their PeopleSoft data perimeters and shift towards a proactive approach rather than waiting to be reactive.


GDPR has highlighted the need for essential security features missing from PeopleSoft’s standard functionality. Even though inherently robust and secure, out-of-the-box PeopleSoft applications are lacking some features that make GDPR compliance easy to establish and maintain.

  • Current logging of user activity is limited to credentials logging-in and out. Granular user activity is not available
  • Compliance audits can only be executed by triangulating multiple log files – making rapid responses impossible
  • Architecture of PeopleSoft provides easy data access
  • Masking and redaction of sensitive PII is difficult to implement and governed by rigid rules
  • A lack of data access analytics prevents security teams from effectively identifying and responding to breaches


Appsian provides a comprehensive and dynamic approach to data privacy compliance. Equipped with multi-factor authentication, location/ privilege-based access, enhanced logging, intrusion response, and integrated security analytics – Appsian keeps PII secure and helps you stay compliant with regulations like GDPR, FERPA, etc.

Key Benefits

Avoid Unnecessary Data Exposure
Avoid Unnecessary Data Exposure
Control the resources users’ access, how they access them, and from where they access them by leveraging the contextual attributes of access such as geolocation, time of day, and IP address.
Strengthen Data Loss Prevention
Strengthen Data Loss Prevention
Provide inline data security as users pivot to different transactions with various degrees of sensitivity.
Enhance Visibility into Data Access and Usage
Enhance Visibility into Data Access and Usage
Continuously monitoring data access and usage proactively alerts security teams to anomalous activity and allows them to quickly respond with full forensic information.


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