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Simplify IT Operations With Automation
and Advanced Controls For ERP

Challenges In The Modern Business Environment

IT modernization, multi-vendor environments, and remote working have increased complexities for ongoing IT operations. In addition, manual processes, static controls, and the siloed view from point products create multiple blind spots across the IT landscape. As a result, managing IT operations is becoming more expensive, complex, and potentially disruptive for businesses.

How Appsian Can Help

Appsian Security brings ERPs to the center of your IT modernization strategy by automating critical business processes and compliance reporting. In addition, the solution provides dynamic controls, a visually rich dashboard with actionable insights to improve collaboration across key stakeholders – a feature that is desired by CIOs and IT teams alike.

Improve Efficiency With Process Automation

Improve Efficiency With Process Automation

Appsian Security automates business processes to improve efficiency and mitigate potential risks from human errors.

  • Automate all processes of a user life cycle: joiner, mover, and leaver stages
  • Securely grant temporary/firefighter role with expiry date and monitor for audits
  • Enforce adaptive security that auto-regulates user privileges based on attributes

Optimize Operations With Advanced Logging

Appsian’s advanced logging capabilities provide insights, reduce false positives and prioritize alerts.

  • Automate user access requests that reduce SOD violations and ensure that you are never under or over licensed
  • A visually rich dashboard enriched with contextual data helps uncover suspicious behavior faster
  • Capture failed login attempts and get alerts to potential brute force attacks, phishing, and more
Optimize Operations With Advanced Logging
Streamline Audit Process With Comprehensive Reporting

Streamline Audit Process With Comprehensive Reporting

Appsian Security provides optimized suggestions for resolving compliance violations for SOX, CCPA, GDPR, and others.

  • Carry out compliance audits without manually triangulating multiple log files and human errors
  • Pinpoint SoD violations with detailed audit trails to investigate and resolve incidents faster
  • Save time and increase audit report accuracy across multi-vendor ERPs

Benefits For IT teams

  • Automated policies that align with security & compliance programs
  • Higher security operations efficiency with faster detection & response
  • Improved collaboration across teams with real-time visibility & insights
  • Cost savings by optimizing ERP licenses

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