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  • Audit and Compliance Reporting
  • Continuous Controls Monitoring
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Transaction Control
  • User Access Certification
  • Zero Trust & Least Privilege

Streamline & Simplify Compliance Reporting

Automate SOX Compliance

Deploy out-of-the-box reporting dashboards specifically aligned to SOX compliance

Enable Periodic Review

Produce review reports on approvals, rejections and explanatory note with the touch of a button. Quickly and easily produce evidence for your auditors.

Reduce SoD Auditing Time

Get detailed information on actual SoD violations and reduce the time spent uncovering false positives.

Reduce the Costs & Complexity of Managing Control Risks

Automate SOX Controls

Replace manual processes with automation and save up to 90% of the time and cost associated with SOX reporting.

Automated User Provisioning

Streamline enforcement of user role assignments to third-party vendors

Monitor High Risk Transactions

Apply continuous monitoring to high risk financial transactions to prevent fraud and error

Monitor & Audit Changes to Critical Business Data

Audit Manager

Integrated, automated SoD and audit reporting to identify vulnerabilities and provide evidence for your auditors

Periodic Review

Streamline your Access Review processes and easily produce evidence of review and sign-off by for your auditors

Fraud Detector

Track changes to your critical data, with full details of who changed what and when. Automated alerts notify you instantly of significant changes

Ensure Uses Have the Right Access at the Right Time

Automated User Provisioning

Automatically grant or revoke access privileges throughout the entire user lifecycle (mover, joiner, leaver)

Role Design

Suggests and prioritize roles according to multiple risk factors, based on the current user activity and usage patterns

Centralized Access Governance

Manage roles and entitlements using risk-aware recommendations that consider cross-application risk

Manage Elevated & Firefighter Access from One Platform

Securely Grant Temporary Access To Production Environments

Use Powerful controls to proactively detect risk before granting emergency access

Audit-Ready Reporting

Generate audit-ready user activity reports that can be reviewed at any time.

Dynamic Data Masking

Mask sensitive production data to elevated users that only need temporary access

Streamline SoD Management & Prevent Violation in Real-Time

Resolve SoD Conflicts in Minutes

Analyze user behavior and receive proactive conflict resolution for potential SoD violations

Real-Time & Preventative

Use attribute-based access controls for dynamic, preventative SoD and stop violations from occurring in real-time.

Reduce the Time Auditing False-Positives

Audit specific violation events in real time with a detailed forensic trail of user activity.

Extend Access Controls for High-Value Financial Transactions

Dynamic, Fine-Grained Controls

Extend controls to be context-aware and enforce business processes at a fine-grained level

Data Access & Usage Analytics

Enrich data access information with attributes like IP address, user role, geographic location, device, etc., to understand full context

Isolate Potential Attacks

Be alerted to potential brute force attacks (ie failed logins) and immediately restrict access to sensitive transactions

Securely Grant Temporary Access To Production Environments

Simplify the Review Process

Analyze what your active users have access to in terms of the individual functions and processes and receive a detailed analysis of exactly who can do what

Access Certification

Enable periodic review requirements and optimize certifications with automated behavior profiling and certification usage data

Emergency Access

Provide emergency access with security-approved workflows and produce audit-ready reporting. Automate the emergency access process while meeting audit and security requirements

Dynamically Enforce Identity & Access Security for All Users & Devices

Context-Aware Access Controls (ABAC)

Fine-grained controls help you set dynamic access permissions for users down to the transaction and field level

Step-Up Authentication

Integrate enterprise MFA at field level for re-authentication when a user requests access to sensitive data

Transaction Monitoring & Control

Monitor high risk transactions and automatically remove privileged access rights to stop potentially high risk user activity

IAM Technology Integrations

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