Simplify Management of the User Lifecycle

Replace Manual Processes with Intelligent Automation

Automated User Identity and Access Management

Gain greater control over user access risks, segregation of duties, compliance, and audit by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Embedded AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics continuously identify potential risks and provide optimized suggestions to streamline access management.

Excessive access and unnecessary ERP risk have been the byproduct of complex access management solutions, siloed visibility, and an over-reliance on manual processes. Appsian is the first platform that presents each authorization-related decision from multiple angles, including financial risks, to help automate access control management.

As an advanced behavior-based monitoring and analysis solution, Appsian enables organizations to easily organize, understand, and control employee authorizations across multiple ERP systems. It delivers unprecedented visibility of real-time authorization usage, performs ongoing monitoring of each and every user, and sends alerts of any unusual or suspicious activity.

Reduce GRC Complexity and Improve the Bottom Line

  • Automate User Lifecycle Management

    Handle the joiner, mover, leaver process across your application landscape with ease.

  • Mitigate Fraud & Business Process Risks

    Rapidly analyze your ERP ecosystem for any SoD violations, potential risks, and leverage automated suggestions to expedite remediation.

  • Centralize Application Access Governance

    Manage roles and entitlements using risk-aware recommendations that consider cross-application context.

  • Automate Compliance & Audit Workflows

    Shrink the effort required to complete access certifications and SOX audits from weeks to hours.

ProfileTailor GRC (by Appsian) Named Overall Leader for SAP Access Control by KuppingerCole

What Makes Appsian So Unique


    Appsian creates an intelligent summary of the business activities each person performs in a given application.


    Cross-application security and compliance are made easy. Auditors and security managers can implement a single risk ruleset and enforce it to multiple applications simultaneously.


    Automation is key to optimizing access governance. User behavior analysis combined with ML-powered algorithms accelerate the cleanup of role conflicts.


    Appsian integrates with your ERP applications using simple connectors that can be up in days. The standalone implementation avoids change requests that complicate solutions requiring ERP server access, and administration is easily accessible through a secure web browser.

Key Use Cases

  • Segregation of Duties

    Identify, analyze, and resolve SoD violations faster than ever before using detailed behavioral analysis and automated suggestions. Get clean, stay clean, and eliminate the complexities in SoD.

  • Authorizations Management

    Easily organize, understand, and control user authorizations across your ERP landscape. Gain unprecedented visibility into authorization usage, high-risk roles, and assignments – and quickly remediate access risks using automated analysis and suggestions.

  • Access Request Management

    Streamline your access request workflows, mitigate risks, and capture a complete audit trail of access requests and approvals. Reduce manual effort and significantly increase security and confidence with end-to-end access request process.

  • Access Certifications

    Reduce the number of man-hours required to perform access reviews by 95%+ using automated analysis and seamless cross-system orchestration. Empower managers to efficiently certify access and deliver a transparent, well-documented process that auditors will love.

  • Emergency Access

    Grant emergency access with security-approved workflows and capture audit-ready reporting. Automate the release of access rights, limited in scope necessary for the specific task, and revoke access after custom-defined timeframes.

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