Automate SOX Compliance in SAP & Across Your ERP Ecosystem

Detect, Mitigate, and Prevent SoD Violations that Threaten SOX Compliance

How Does Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Effect SAP?

Sarbanes-Oxley, often shorted to SOX, sets new requirements for publicly traded companies to improve financial disclosures and to prevent accounting fraud. SOX compliance is something that all publicly traded companies must abide by.

To achieve SAP SOX compliance, organizations must demonstrate that access to sensitive financial data is limited to only authorized persons and financial data must only be added or edited by those authorized persons. All, to ensure that the data is valid.

This presents critical challenges as most ERP applications lack granular control and visibility over access and governance.

Detect, Mitigate, and Prevent SoD Violations that Threaten SOX Compliance

Role Analysis
Immediately after installation, Appsian pinpoints any current SoD violations of users and roles
Dynamic Role Analysis
Provides on-going monitoring and alerts of new validations as they occur
Role Simulator
Prevents potential conflicts by testing roles in advance. Be alerted if granting users an authorization role or activity will violate any SoD rules
Real-Time Preventative Controls
Prevent SoD violations from occurring in real-time with dynamic, fine-grained access controls and data masking
Data Access and Usage Analytics
Get a granular view into data access and usage with real-time analytics (powered by Appsian360.) Understand exactly how sensitive data is being accessed – by whom, from where, and why.

Resolve Potential SoD Conflicts in Minutes

Analyze User Behavior and Authorization Usage Data

  • Identify and remediate SoD conflicts, sensitive access and potential policy violation

  • Extends beyond static rules that are built-in to pre configured control libraries

  • SoD risks and violation can be assessed based on a user’s actual usage, not only on their given authorization

  • Allows the auditing of specific violation events in real time and auditable trails

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  • “Choosing [Appsian] for our organization has been an excellent decision. We have now maintained control over segregation of duties, locating any sensitive accounts and identifying the actual user and exact time of use”
    Richard Symes- SAP Competence Manager

Unique Features

Remediate SoD violations by pointing out the best combinations of authorization roles to change to address the violations

Remediate SoD violations by receiving the best solution and up to 5 additional possible solutions

Focus only on user activities and remove redundant authorizations which are not in use

Execute the solution directly from Conflict Resolver into the ERP system or ITSM solution

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