SAML 2.0 Integration For PeopleSoft SSO

Enable Seamless, Secure User Authentication For PeopleSoft


About SAML 2.0 Integration For PeopleSoft SSO


SAML 2.0 integration allows organizations to leverage enterprise identity providers (IDPs) like Active Directory and ADFS.

PeopleSoft lacks native SAML support, so implementing an “off-the-shelf” Single Sign-On like Okta, Azure AD, Ping Identity, etc., can present challenges. This typically results in PeopleSoft being isolated from an organization’s IAM (Identity and Access Management) strategy.

Appsian addresses the Oracle SAML challenge by delivering the SAML integration layer required to connect PeopleSoft, an Identity Provider, and your enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO). This solution is natively installed into PeopleSoft and does not require the use of customizations or proxy servers.


Customizations Are Not Ideal

  • Off-the-shelf SSO solutions need to be significantly modified to work with PeopleSoft. Organizations must build an extensive framework of additional customizations and hardware to simulate communication between PeopleSoft and their respective identity provider (ADFS, Shibboleth, etc.). In addition to prolonged implementation, customizations to SSO solutions are insecure, fragile, lack functionality for some transactions, and originate problems that are difficult to troubleshoot. They also require the procurement of extra infrastructure (reverse proxy server) resulting in project budget overruns.
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No SAML Support Creates An Isolated Application

Without SAML-compatibility, PeopleSoft applications are often left out of enterprise-wide SSO initiatives. The isolation of PeopleSoft applications from the rest of the enterprise application stack can have several negative effects:

  • IT teams are faced with increased support costs associated with password resets
  • Manual user provisioning and deprovisioning without a centralized identity management
  • Lack of IdP-enforced governance policies (such as password strength renewals)
  • Reduced productivity due to downtime associated with password reset and recovery



Appsian’s PeopleSoft SSO Connector is designed to create a simple, extensible, and easy-to-maintain approach to the implementation of modern authentication and SSO technologies. The PeopleSoft SSO Connector supports identity federation through the implementation of related rules capable of responding to assertions/claims from SAML based id providers.

Appsian offers the ONLY solution that natively integrates SAML with PeopleSoft.

Enabling Single Sign-On in PeopleSoft eliminates the need for end users to utilize multiple passwords and empowers them to seamlessly transition between PeopleSoft and other enterprise applications using a single, strong login credential. It also empowers IT teams to centralize authentication management and makes it easy for them to provision password databases as employees come and go in the organization


Appsian’s PeopleSoft SSO Connector Runs INSIDE the Web Server for Unmatched Simplicity and Native SAML and Functionality


Appsian SAML SSO vs Custom Solution

Oracle SSO By Appsian Security
Custom Development
Oracle SSO By Appsian Security
  • Go-Live in as little as 7 days
  • Browser-based configuration of your IdP’s SSO in PeopleSoft & Oracle EBS
  • No additional hardware or custom development required
  • No additional hardware or custom development required
Custom Development
  • Customizing code requires specialized knowledge
  • Often requires additional hardware
  • Spinning up and connecting additional web server with current environment
Oracle SSO By Appsian Security
  • Add-in is independent from application updates
  • Stable, tested product used in hundreds of PeopleSoft & Oracle EBS environments with minimal maintenance
  • Fixed maintenance schedule with fixed costs
Custom Development
  • Additional workload for application management and development teams
  • Often fragile with continuous maintenance requirements
  • Risk of runaway costs; TCO can grow into uncertainty
Oracle SSO By Appsian Security
  • Full support team available 24/7 to assist with any challenges
  • Updated software packages made available to customers with each application update
Custom Development
  • No standardized support model
  • Requires highly technical skillsets familiar with the customization

Key Benefits Of Appsian

Dynamic Data Masking

Enhanced Security

Execute a robust identity policy across all users, devices, and PeopleSoft. Quickly provision and de-provision users across all enterprise applications while maintaining strict password management policies enforced by your IdP.
Dynamic Data Masking

Reduced Complexity

No code customizations are required for implementation. Automated authentication processes reduce identity infrastructure costs (help desk, etc.).
Dynamic Data Masking

Increased Productivity

Elevates user experience and saves time by providing one set of login credentials to access multiple applications.
Dynamic Data Masking

Threat Detection & Response

Eliminate lengthy integration and provisioning projects, manual de-provisioning, help desk password resets, and users being helplessly locked out of their applications. Customers can also use multiple IdPs concurrently to ensure that any patchwork of systems used across groups and departments is accessible and secure.

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