Identify & Prevent Segregation Of Duties Conflicts

Prevent SoD Conflicts in Real-Time Before They Occur

Real-Time Preventative Controls for Segregation of Duties

ProfileTailor GRC helps you comply with compliance regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) by providing a single control point to manage and enforce segregation of duties (SoD) – across multiple ERP platforms.

ProfileTailor GRC is a full-suite solution that includes SoD rules definition, conflict analysis & resolution, real-time violation prevention, and detailed incident analysis. If a violation is pre-approved, you can create a remediation (mitigation factor) quickly so this violation will not appear again in the reports.

Key Features

  • Easily define SoD rules using only a browser, or an uploaded Excel document
  • Manage rules so you can separate them to groups, and activate or deactivate them together
  • Start with our built-in best-practices, so you don’t have to start from scratch, or quickly upload your own set of rules
  • Quickly identify SoD violations and resolve any violation within a matter of minutes
  • Prevent future violations with real-time mitigating controls

Key Benefits

  • Quickly Identify Violations to SoD

    Generates many different types of reports and matrices, all of which serve to quickly identify violations.

  • Complete Segregation of Duties Solution

    Allow auditors and security managers to implement one SoD ruleset and enforce it on multiple applications simultaneously.

  • Rich Ruleset, Fully Customizable

    Includes various methods to create and maintain SoD rulesets easily and effectively, in order to maximize the level of control.

  • Designed For Every Organization

    An on-premise solution or as cloud/SAAS installation as a continuous inspection solution. Also can be used in a single inspection mode.

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Identify & Prevent Segregation of Duties Conflicts Before They Occur

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