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We’re Not Your Typical ERP Security Company

2021 Global Infosec Award Winner for “Next-Gen in ERP Data Security” and “Cutting Edge in ERP Risk Mitigation”

Appsian Provides ERP Security Below the Network Layer

Unlike most security companies that focus on perimeter protection, Appsian is focused on protecting the asset below those layers – your data and financial transactions.

Our unique approach that combines data security with controls for identity and access management, along with governance, risk, and compliance has earned us recognition across the ERP landscape. Including two awards by Cyber Defense Magazine.

Align Business Processes with Security and Compliance Policies

Due to limited IT controls, the access requirements of business users often comes into conflict with established security and compliance policies. Appsian allows organizations to provide access to ERP data that is as dynamic as their business processes.

Go From Simply Detecting Risk to Actually Preventing Risk

Today, ERP security risks are typically uncovered in hindsight and compliance risks are simply managed with role-based authorizations and segregation of duties. None of which actually prevents a risk or policy violation from occurring in real-time. Appsian is designed to actually prevent risk before it occurs.

Enhance Data Security Without Impacting User Experience

Users don’t want restrictions and organizations don’t want to hinder productivity. Appsian allows everyone to have their way by providing data security solutions that are dynamic and context-aware. Meaning, users are restricted access only when their context deems it necessary.

Best of Breed ERP Security & Compliance

  • Lightweight, Rapid Implementation

    Appsian solutions are designed to provide maximum benefit without adding customizations or complexity. They are configurable to your ERP applications and are installed inside the application web server. No underlying code is affected and there is no disruption to future application updates. Implementation typically takes less than 30 days!

  • Single Holistic Platform

    Appsian unites identity access management, data security, and GRC  into a single holistic platform that streamlines operations while making existing initiatives more effective. This combination helps break down the silos between IT, Security, and Audit teams that often create unwanted complexity and risk.

  • Peace Of Mind

    Cybercriminals evolve their tactics every day, taking their time to hone their strategy to inflict maximum damage.  Appsian removes the variables that keep you in a constant state of vulnerability: creative hackers, human error, malicious insiders, and more. 

  • Data Security Without User Friction

    With Appsian, users can move seamlessly inside ERP applications and only encounter authentication challenges or data access restrictions if their context of access warrants it. Thus, eliminating a lot of the user friction that comes with enhancing data security. With Appsian, you can strike a perfect balance between security and productivity.

  • Protect Your ERP Investment

    ERP investments are years (and millions of dollars) in the making. ERP migrations and large-scale “rip-and-replace” projects are disruptive to business operations. Appsian gives you the power to leverage your current ERP investment by enhancing your systems, so you can achieve the access control and visibility required to combat modern security and compliance threats.

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