Protect PeopleSoft With Layered Data Security

SAML Integration (SSO), Zero Trust MFA, Data Masking, & Data Access Analytics


Comprehensive PeopleSoft Security

Security threats exist at the application, transaction and data level which is why Appsian provides PeopleSoft customers with layered security. In one platform, multiple solutions work together to secure identity, control & monitor access to sensitive transactions, protect UI data, and provide deep visibility into data access and usage.

Fully Leverage Enterprise IAM Solutions (OKTA, Duo, Etc) With Integrated SSO & MFA

  • The Appsian Security Platform (ASP) facilitates the native integration of SAML/ADFS. This allows PeopleSoft to fully leverage SSO solutions like Okta, Azure AD, Ping Identity, and more. Also, ASP facilitates the integration of Multi-Factor Authentication solutions like Duo Security and PortalGuard, enabling dynamic MFA across all layers of PeopleSoft (application/page/component/field.)
multi-factor authentication
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Protect PeopleSoft Data With Dynamic Access Controls & Data Masking

Dynamic, context-aware access controls help align to security best practices like least privilege and zero trust. Data is also protected from over-exposure using location-based security and dynamic data masking. All designed to prevent breaches, exfiltration, or privacy policy violations.

Granular Visibility Into PeopleSoft User Activity & Data Usage

  • Appsian Security provides direct visibility into PeopleSoft data access and usage without having a negative impact on application performance. Real-time analytics expedite incident response and provides visually-rich dashboards that provide quick, actionable insights.

How Does It Work?

The Appsian Security Platform is truly the fastest path to data security and compliance! Using a lightweight software plug-in, ASP requires no additional hardware and has no impact on future PeopleSoft updates. The Appsian Security Platform provides data security and compliance enhancements that are scalable and ultimately lower the total cost of ownership for PeopleSoft.

Key Features

Dynamic Data Masking

Native SAML/ADFS Compatibility And MFA Integration

Integrating single sign-on and multi-factor authentication natively with PeopleSoft and your identity provider improves security and convenience. Integrated MFA also enables step-up authentication, so users can be forced to re-authenticate when accessing highly sensitive transactions.
Dynamic Data Masking

Mask Sensitive Data Fields (Partial, Full, Or Click-To-View)

Masking data at the UI level ensures that users accessing the applications either in an authorized or unauthorized manner do not have needless access to valuable data through various pages, reports, or queries.
Dynamic Data Masking

Contextual Access Control For Greater Security

Reduce the attack surface with a dynamic rules engine that applies the contextual variables of a user’s access and defines privileges in real-time. Implement least privilege to limit access to modules/transactions, dynamically mask sensitive data, enforce step-up MFA, and more.
Dynamic Data Masking

Real-Time Analytics For Improved Response Times

Enhanced PeopleSoft logging capabilities capture all user activity at the field, page, and component levels and combines them with contextual user data. Real-time visualized dashboards allow you to quickly spot suspicious activity and drill down to root out issues.

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