Take Complete Control Over Access to Data and Financial Transactions

  • Modern organizations are executing complex business processes with a combination of on-premise and cloud applications. Appsian Security helps you close the gap between the identity perimeter and legacy controls that are leaving your data in a constant state of risk.
  • Using a contextual, data-centric approach, Appsian provides greater control over who accesses your applications and data. In addition, Appsian customers gain fine-grained levels of access governance to reduce segregation of duties violations.
Take Complete Control Over Data Access and Usage
Identity Governance with Zero Trust

Secure Identity with Zero Trust

  • Consolidate IAM strategy by natively integrating SAML/ADFS identity providers and single sign-on solutions like OKTA, Azure, Ping Identity, and more.
  • Automate usage-based provisioning across core applications.
  • Implement dynamic multi-factor authentication at all layers of the application, including inline.
  • Continuously monitor data access and usage by user ID or IP address.

Reduce Access Governance Risks Across the Enterprise

  • Implement least privilege with attribute-based access controls (ABAC)
  • Mitigate risks from remote access with context-aware governance.
  • Streamline Segregation of Duties and prevent violations while creating an actionable audit trail.
  • Identify high-risk access, business rule violations, and anomalous activity with real-time data access and usage analytics.
Eliminate Access Governance Risks Across the Enterprise

Key Features

Single Sign-On (SAML)

Single Sign-On (SAML)

Seamlessly integrate SAML-based identity providers and IAM solutions.
Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enable zero trust without user friction. Integrate enterprise MFA solutions at all levels of the application, including inline
Attribute-Based Access Controls

Transaction Control

Implement context-aware access controls and dynamically enforce business policies for high-value transactions.
User Access Management

Automatic User Provisioning

Maintain automatic provisioning/de-provisioning throughout the user lifecycle (mover/joiner/leaver.)
Segregation of Duties

Proactive Controls for Segregation of Duties

Automatically detect and mitigate SoD conflicts. Prevent SoD violations in real-time and reduce the instance of false positives.

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Supported ERP Platforms

Platform Benefits

Streamline & Automate Manual Processes

Deliver valuable automation to labor-intensive processes like user provisioning, access certifications, compliance reporting and more. Save time, money and valuable human capital resources.

Reduce Segregation of Duties Violations

Automatically uncover SoD conflicts and receive valuable recommendations for role design. Prevent violations in real-time and receive detailed incident reports on potential violations. Reduce false-positives.

Reduce Risk Across the Organization

Uncover and prioritize critical access and business process risks across your ERP applications. Implement transaction control and monitoring to reduce fraud, enable security and reduce risk.

Modernize Strategies Without Complexity

Implement strong controls and activity monitoring in legacy ERP applications. Maximize your ERP investment without additional complexity, maintenance or change management.

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