Effective Fraud Risk Management for Oracle ERP Apps

Mitigate Fraud Risks with Streamlined SoD Checks, Provisioning and Audit Trails

What is a Fraud Risk?

Lack of ability and speed to capture malicious transactions or actions, with an outdated access management system can lead to fraud risks. Inefficient user access and Segregation of Duties (SoD), create opportunities for cyber threats, unauthorized transactions, and risk of internal fraud.


Security within Oracle ERP apps, like EBS or JD Edwards, is so complex that it’s difficult to find out exactly who can access what and how. But without accurate information, it’s impossible to identify users with inappropriate access rights. Some legacy systems do not provide the ability to efficiently perform SoD and fail to track users with past violations, making it challenging to alert on suspicious activities leading to fraud risks


Appsian provides specialized tools that automate the process of minimizing the risks of internal fraud within Oracle ERP apps. Taking into account the full range of possible access paths, you can analyze your users’ access against your SoD rules and report on violations.

How it works?

Appsian enables you to analyze your existing Oracle ERP security without any demand on your technical team. It pinpoints weaknesses and makes recommendations to minimize fraud risks. Unauthorized changes in the master data of your Oracle EBS or JD Edwards, are investigated promptly for signs of any fraudulent intention. The solution triggers alerts and notifications to ensure such activities do not go undetected for a long time and result in huge losses.

Key Features

A Cloud-based audit service to analyze your security and SoD; deliver results within hours – no technical effort needed.

Integrated, automated Segregation of Duties reporting to identify vulnerabilities and provide evidence for auditors.

Streamlined Provisioning with a workflow to process access requests, with preventive Segregation of Duties checks.

User-friendly auditing tools which enable you track changes to your critical data.


  • Instant notification of changes to critical data greatly reduce the risk of fraud

  • Quick and easy view of all audited data in one place

  • Detailed audit trail of who changed what and when (including before and after values)

  • Take charge of your data and decide what to audit and monitor

  • All changes to audited data are logged, even if made by programs external to Oracle EBS


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