Monitor ERP Access For High Privilege Users

Ensure Legitimate High Privilege Users Remain Productive While Protecting Your Organization From Bad Actors

Privileged access has the most potential for risk

While all activity should be monitored for security and compliance purposes, high privilege user accounts should be continuously monitored and analyzed for potentially malicious trends.

With hundreds of critical HR, finance, supply chain, etc., transactions being executed each day, organizations are continuously exposed to a myriad of risks.

ERP applications like PeopleSoft and SAP lack the ability to provide actionable insights into user activity, creating many blind spots for unauthorized behavior. In addition, a lack of granular user activity logging makes the creation of a useful audit trail nearly impossible.

Key Challenges

High Privilege User Accounts are Magnets for Hackers

Privileged accounts have emerged as the primary target for cyber criminals and have been exploited in some of the most devastating cyber-attacks and data breaches in recent years. Today, these attacks are so customized and sophisticated, that they can easily bypass traditional authentication measures like VPN and application level credentials.

Superusers have Access to Everything

Beyond high privilege users, there are superusers, such as administrators or IT contractors. These users have unrestricted and uncontrolled access. While most employees are trustworthy, there are always employees who abuse the trust placed in them – superusers are no exception. These users can intentionally, or unintentionally, perform harmful actions in your ERP systems that can cause great damage to your business. Maintaining a clear line of sight into their access is paramount.

Authorized vs. Unauthorized Activity can be Challenging to identify

Malicious access to data only becomes detectable if you have the solutions in place to identify trends. Most data breaches happen over time and can be subtle. Plus, some of the most common threats include insiders exfiltrating and leaking data which can be even harder to detect.

  • Eliminate a Commonly Exploited Threat Vector

    Mitigate the risk of high privilege credentials and sessions being exploited by bad actors.

  • Maintain Privileged Access Compliance Requirements

    Align to internal and external compliance requirements with comprehensive audit trails and session forensics.

  • Keep High Privilege Users Productive

    Ensure high privilege users get the access necessary to perform essential tasks – without over-restricting due to security and compliance concerns.

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