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Strengthen ERP Security Policies & Controls

Today’s requirements for efficient business processes have increased the exposure of sensitive data across many applications and endpoints. Whether access is only available behind a firewall/VPN or exposed to the open internet, the fact remains that bad actors are trying to get access to business data. In a threat landscape filled with hacking, phishing, ransomware and fraud – do you trust your native ERP controls to prevent today’s advanced threats? Appsian knows your organization requires “always on” access for applications and data. This is why our solutions are specifically designed to provide security and compliance assurance at multiple layers:

  • Application Layer: Secure user identity by natively integrating your ERP with an enterprise Identity Provider (SAML)
  • Transaction Layer: Enforce zero trust by re-authenticating (login, inline, etc.) or completely restricting users based on the context of acces
  • Data Layer: Enforce security and privacy policies with data encryption at the user interface level. Plus, monitor access to sensitive data in real-time and be alerted to anomalies and potential security threats.

SAML 2.0 (SSO) Integration for PeopleSoft & Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

  • SAML 2.0 integration allows organizations to leverage enterprise identity providers like Active Directory, ADFS, OKTA, etc. with their ERP applications like PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS. A SAML integration connector eliminates the need to provision databases separately, have unique ERP passwords, or siloed access governance strategies.
  • Appsian delivers the only SAML integration layer on the Oracle market that sits inside your architecture. Providing Single Sign-On without any additional hardware or custom development – using a plug-in to your web application server.

Enforce Security & Privacy Policies with Dynamic Data Masking

  • Compliance regulations like SOX, GDPR and CCPA have placed a heightened emphasis on limiting the exposure of financial data and employee PII. Consequently, many job roles in IT, HR, payroll, etc., require access to sensitive data, but not all.
  • Compliance regulations like SOX, GDPR and CCPA have placed a heightened emphasis on limiting the exposure of financial data and employee PII. Consequently, many job roles in IT, HR, payroll, etc., require access to sensitive data, but not all.

Real-Time Security Analytics. Closely Monitor Data Access & Usage

Appsian proactively alerts you to security threats like hacking, phishing, misuse of privileged accounts, and many more. Quickly receive the information required to fully enable forensic investigations:

  • Identify data access & usage trends that reflect suspicious activity
  • Enrich data access information with attributes like IP address, user role, geographic location, device, etc., to understand full context
  • Capture trends like failed login attempts and be alerted to potential brute force attacks

Real-Time Security Analytics. Closely Monitor Data Access & Usage

Add A Layer Of Identity & Data Security. Integrate With Leading MFA Providers Like Duo & Okta

Pathlock allows organizations to quickly and efficiently integrate enterprise MFA solutions from Duo, Microsoft, SafeNet, and more, with PeopleSoft. With Pathlock’s adaptive MFA, companies can enforce MFA at login and inside the application at the field, page, and component levels. Every authentication request is analyzed for level of risk and MFA challenges are deployed accordingly. Configurable Solution Plugs directly into the PeopleSoft Web Server without any additional infrastructure or customizations and provides regular updates aligned to PeopleSoft releases.

PeopleSoft MFA with Pathlock enables you to:

  • Set dynamic access permissions for users down to the transaction and field level
  • Enforce strict identity and device zero trust policies
  • Enforce full, partial, or click-to-view data masking to obscure sensitive data and protect against unnecessary data exposure
  • Deploy step-up authentication for sensitive transactions

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Streamline & Automate Manual IAM Processes

Deliver valuable automation to labor-intensive processes like user provisioning, access certifications, compliance audit reporting and more. Save time, money and valuable human capital resources.

Deliver Peace-of-Mind Across the Organization

Implement strict, yet user-friendly, data access and transaction controls. Improve visibility into data access and usage to reduce instances of data breaches and fraud.

Modernize Strategies Without the Hassle of Change Management

Implement strong controls in legacy ERP applications that are dynamic and intuitive. Avoid having to re-create policies or customized roles.

Strike a Balance Between Security & Productivity

Give users expanded access to the data and transactions they require to work without further exposing yourself to risk. Adopt adaptive controls that are context-aware and designed to detect and prevent security threats.

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