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Comprehensive ERP Data Security & Compliance

Protect Your Business Data with
Industry Leading Data Security, IAM, and GRC

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ProfileTailor GRC

Elevate Compliance & Risk Management Across All ERP Platforms

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Transform How You Address Risk in SAP

Minimize Your Risk Exposure with Data-Centric Security,
Compliance, and Access Control

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Frictionless PeopleSoft Data Security

Single Sign-On (SAML), Dynamic Multi-Factor Authentication,
Data Masking, & More

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Take Control of Your Core Business Data and Transactions

Data breaches, fraud, theft, and errors cost organizations millions each year. The potential for risk increases as ERP access requirements become more dynamic.

Today, protecting core business data and transactions requires a sophisticated approach that combines identity security with access controls and deep visibility. Appsian Security solutions are designed to detect and prevent risks in real-time.



    Integrate enterprise SSO & MFA for improved identity security for all users and devices.


    Manage access to data using dynamic data masking and context-aware access controls.


    Reduce segregation of duties conflicts, prevent violations, and automate manual tasks.


    Monitor data access and alert to potential threats in real-time.

  • Hear From Our Customers

    “Cybersecurity is a priority for the State, and Appsian’s solution allowed us to enhance our security posture to provide even stronger safeguards of our critical systems and personnel data, while providing greater visibility for administrators into transaction-level detail.”

    Jeff Larshus
    Director of State Financial Services,
    State of North Dakota Office of Management and Budget

The Appsian Security Advantage

Maximize the access of your ERP without sacrificing the integrity of your business-critical data.

Secure Access Beyond the Firewall

Use fine-grained, dynamic access controls to allow or restrict access to data based on the context of user access

Streamline and Simplify GRC and Segregation of Duties

Minimize compliance risks with comprehensive SoD role analysis, risk assessment, automated provisioning/de-provisioning, preventative access controls, and more.

Modernize Access Controls and Visibility

Fill the security & compliance gaps of legacy applications (ex. PeopleSoft, SAP ECC, etc.) that were not designed to combat advanced threats

Detect & Respond to Advanced Threats

Get granular visibility into user activity and data usage and investigate suspicious behavior

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Key IAM Technology Integrations

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