Dynamic Data Masking

Expand The Use Of Data Masking To Any Field With A Policy-Based Rules Engine

Protect Sensitive Data With Dynamic Data Masking

  • Data regulations like SOX, GDPR and CCPA have placed a heightened emphasis on limiting the exposure of financial data and employee PII. Consequently, many job roles in IT, HR, payroll, etc., require access to sensitive data, but not all. Because current data masking capabilities in PeopleSoft and SAP use static policies for enforcement, your ability to dynamically govern access to data is challenging.

    Appsian provides to fastest path for applying context-aware data masking across all necessary data fields. Restrict access to data based on contextual attributes like location, device, time-of-day, job role and much more

Protect Sensitive Data With Dynamic Data Masking
Provide Full Control Over Data Access

Provide Full Control Over Data Access. Data Masking Capabilities Can Be Enhanced With Click-To-View Logging:

  • Apply full or partial data masking on any desired field, using a centrally managed rule for easy implementation
  • Dynamically deploy masking based on context of access like remote, mobile, and time of day
  • Use logging features like click-to-view and MFA to develop a full audit trail of all data access for quick reference

Key Appsian Features

  • Fully dynamic using attribute-based access controls
  • Data masking can apply to query and search results
  • Easy implementation
  • Flexible configuration using a browser-based rules engine
Key Features

Key Benefits

Improved Access Control

Deploy a robust data protection policy with fine-grained control over who can see what data and when.

Enhanced Data Compliance

Reduce the exposure of PII and log when authorized users access protected data via the click-to-view functionality.

Minimize Unwanted Data Exposure

Eliminate unnecessary exposure of sensitive data while reducing the risk of insider data leakage and impact of potential breaches.

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