Establish Data Privacy Compliance

Align with Data Privacy Compliance Regulations like GDPR and CCPA

Organizations Must Get Serious About Data Privacy Compliance (GDPR, CCPA, etc.)

The recent growth in the number of data privacy bills like GDPR requires organizations to implement appropriate security measures around personal data privacy and satisfy consumer requests to opt-out of “sharing” and “selling” their information. Organizations must establish strict policies to support data privacy compliance and governance and establish the technical controls required to enforce those policies.

That means businesses must know what personal data they collect and how that data is accessed and used. However, companies using PeopleSoft, SAP ECC, S/4HANA, and Oracle E-Business Suite are likely facing significant compliance challenges due to inherent limitations built into these legacy ERP systems.

Limitations of Traditional ERP Data Privacy and Compliance Strategies

  • Traditional ERP application logs do not produce the required level of granularity into how data is accessed and used.
  • Compliance audits can only be executed by manually triangulating multiple log files – making rapid responses nearly impossible.
  • Masking and redaction of sensitive PII are difficult to implement and governed by rigid rules, increasing risks for misconfiguration and exposure.
  • Absence of integrated analytics prevents security teams from effectively identifying and responding to data breaches.

Appsian Security Provides a Comprehensive and Dynamic Approach to Data Privacy Compliance. Helping You to Better Align With GDPR and CCPA

Strategies for Improving ERP Data Privacy Compliance

  • Avoid Unnecessary Data Exposure with Dynamic Access Controls

    Control the resources users access, how they access them, and from where they access them by leveraging the contextual attributes of access such as geolocation, time of day, and IP address.

  • Strengthen Data Loss Prevention

    Provide inline data security as users pivot to different transactions with various degrees of sensitivity.

  • Enhance Visibility into Data Access and Usage

    Continuously monitoring data access and usage proactively alerts security teams to anomalous activity and allows them to quickly respond with full forensic information.

  • Deploy Data Masking Based on Dynamic Authorization

    Reduce the exposure of sensitive data with dynamic data masking for sensitive fields. Click-to-view functionality protects against unnecessary exposure while logging intentional access of sensitive information.

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