Zero Trust Security for ERP Systems

Protect Data & High-Risk Transactions with Zero Trust Security

Organizations are continuously challenged to protect critical data and transactions from a rapidly changing threat landscape and the growth of remote/hybrid workforces. Unfortunately, legacy ERP applications use static security controls to govern access. These controls fail to provide protection beyond the traditional perimeter-based security because they do not leverage contextual attributes.

The Appsian Security Platform simplifies the execution of Zero Trust security framework for ERP. The platform can enforce Zero Trust security policies that can dynamically secure data and regulate access based on context. As a result, it protects the most critical elements of your ERP from modern threats and enables remote working. In addition, the platform can reduce access risk with automation and provide continuous monitoring – making Zero Trust security a reality for legacy and multi-vendor ERPs.

Protect ERP Data and Transaction

Zero Trust Authentication

Why Appsian Security For Zero Trust

Appsian is the only vendor to protect all aspects of ERP that are baked in the Appsian Security Platform (ASP).The feature-rich platform provides:

Data Masking

Enforce full, partial, or click-to-view data masking to obscure sensitive data and protect against unnecessary data exposure.

Logging & Analytics

Capture detailed logs to get real-time visibility and insights into user access, IP address of frequent transactions, asset inventory, and other vital data

Dynamic MFA

Leverage dynamic multi-factor authentication at the data and transaction level to restrict and monitor access.

Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC)

Apply real-time contextual information to determine access privileges to business data and transactions.

Key Benefits

  • Increase business speed and agility

  • Reduce attack surface from internal and external threats

  • Frictionless security and user experience

  • Better compliance posture and visibility

  • Improve productivity and collaboration of modern workforce


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