What Is Zero Trust?

“Never Trust, Always Verify” Authentication

Zero Trust Means “Never Trust, Always Verify”

Perimeter security has reached its limitations. As a mixture of self-service and high privilege users access ERP data on a variety of networks and devices, no one should be trusted by default. The static roles that govern access policies present risk if users access ERP data in a dynamic (mobile) environment. Legacy ERP applications are struggling to keep up, placing firm limitations on your ability to authenticate users. The key to securing access in a dynamic environment is with zero trust.

Appsian can enforce a zero trust policy that considers a user’s contextual attributes, including the location of access, time of the request, and others, before establishing trust and granting access to data or transactions. Your security teams can leverage these dynamic user privileges to enforce multi-factor authentication for partial or full access to sensitive data and transactions.

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Limitations of Traditional Authentication

  • Static, role-based authentication is only effective if the context of access never changes.
  • Perimeter security does not protect data from insider threats or external cybercriminals who access data by exploiting a system misconfiguration.
  • Users can become desensitized to authentication steps and can unknowingly grant access when seeing a push notification appear on their phone.
  • Users only want to authenticate if they are doing something sensitive. Authenticating with static rules at the perimeter does not take the requested transaction into account.
  • Integrating MFA and an ERP system using customization creates significant complexity for troubleshooting and future application upgrades.
zero trust security

Appsian Security Provides the Integration of IAM Solutions like MFA (along with Dynamic Access Controls) that Enable Zero Trust

zero trust authentication

Appsian Security Provides the Fastest Path to Zero Trust Authentication

  • Seamless ERP integration with a variety of MFA vendors

    Integrate enterprise MFA solutions Duo Security, Okta, SafeNet, Microsoft Authenticator & more.

  • Force MFA challenges at page/component/field levels

    Provide inline data security as users pivot to different transactions with various degrees of sensitivity.

  • Force challenges based on role/privilege

    Align self-service vs. high privilege access requests and authenticate accordingly. Does not create unnecessary user friction.

  • Force challenges as users move to different applications

    Challenge users with MFA as they pivot to different modules within an ERP environment.

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Unique Benefits

  • modernize legacy erp applications

    Maximize Your ERP Investment

    Modernize legacy applications to meet current business requirements

  • Modernize Risk Management

    Modernize Risk Management

    Enable risk management with greater control and visibility over data access

  • Extend Access Beyond the Firewall

    Extend Access Beyond the Firewall

    Provide secure, remote access to users using dynamic & fine-grained authentication, authorization & visibility

  • Natively integrated into ERP web server

    Lightweight & Quick-to-Deploy Solutions

    Natively integrated into ERP web server without requiring customizations or additional servers

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