Provide Audit-Ready And Secure Emergency Access When Needed

Securely Grant Temporary Access To Production Environment To IT Personnel

The Need for Emergency Access

On occasion, organizations need to grant temporary access to the production environment so a developer, or another role, can troubleshoot a problem. All emergency access, also known as Firefighter access, should have an expiration date and logged for auditing purposes.

Unfortunately, providing Firefighter access can be a tedious process: Having a member of the security team review the request, grant the temporary access, and follow up to remove access once the project is complete, along with providing a well-documented audit trail, is cumbersome.

Highly Secure, Automated Emergency Access Process

ProfileTailor GRC allows organizations to provide emergency access with security-approved workflows and produce audit-ready reporting. It automates the emergency access process while meeting audit and security requirements. Built-in workflows eliminate the need for additional IT resources and adds an additional layer of security.

Highly Secure, Automated Emergency Access Process

Unique Features

  • Automation
    • Automatically revoke emergency access after expiration of defined time frame.
    • Role is automatically chosen, based on type of task.
  • Audit-Ready Reporting
    • Generate audit-ready user activity reports that can be reviewed at any time.
    • Requester’s username is used in reporting, not user ID.
  • Continuous Monitoring
    • Continuously monitor activity in the production environment.
    • Receive notifications of any suspicious activity or access to sensitive data.

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Audit Ready and Secure Way of Granting Emergency Access

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