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The Need for Emergency Access

On occasion, organizations need to grant temporary access to the production environment so a developer, or another role, can troubleshoot a problem. All emergency access, also known as Firefighter access, should have an expiration date and logged for auditing purposes.

Unfortunately, providing Firefighter access can be a tedious process: Having a member of the security team review the request, grant the temporary access, and follow up to remove access once the project is complete, along with providing a well-documented audit trail, is cumbersome.

Highly Secure, Automated Emergency Access Process

ProfileTailor GRC allows organizations to provide emergency access with security-approved workflows and produce audit-ready reporting. It automates the emergency access process while meeting audit and security requirements. Built-in workflows eliminate the need for additional IT resources and adds an additional layer of security.

Unique Features

  • Automation
    • Automatically revoke access after expiration of defined time frame.
    • Role is automatically chosen, based on type of task.
  • Audit-Ready Reporting
    • Generate audit-ready user activity reports that can be reviewed at any time.
    • Requester’s username is used in reporting, not user ID.
  • Continuous Monitoring
    • Continuously monitor activity in the production environment.
    • Receive notifications of any suspicious activity or access to sensitive data.

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