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Appsian is the only platform designed to protect business data across your entire ERP ecosystem. Whether it’s preventing segregation of duties violations or protecting against advanced persistent threats, your data is not truly secure without the Appsian Security Platform. 

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  • SSO (SAML) & MFA Integration
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Cross-Application Provisioning
  • Transaction Control & Monitoring
  • Dynamic Data Masking
  • Real-Time Data Access & Usage Monitoring

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Zim Logo
ZIM Streamlines Segregation of Duties and Increases Control Over Authorizations with Appsian Security
Industry: Shipping
Solution: ProfileTailor GRC
Scapa Logo
Scapa Achieves Full Control over Segregation of Duties with Appsian Security
Industry: Manufactur
Solution: ProfileTailor GRC
Hadassah Logo
Hadassah Medical Center Reaches New Levels Of SAP Optimization & Control With ProfileTailor GRC
Industry: Healthcare
Solution: ProfileTailor GRC

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