ERP Security Audit

What Is An ERP Security Audit?

  • An ERP security audit is a comprehensive assessment of all critical access and business process controls. A security audit is meant to uncover role-level Segregation of Duties (SoD) conflicts, control weaknesses and vulnerabilities in application configurations.
  • Challenges
    Auditing ERP security controls can be very complex, time-consuming, and tedious. Unfortunately, audits can sometimes also fail to discover SoD violations and security gaps or even provide detailed responses to external auditors’ queries.
  • Solution
    Appsian features an Security Audit as a Service that uncovers SoD and security control gaps across your ERP deployment. Appsian delivers 150 built-in SoD rulesets that can be customized to suit your organization’s policies. The audit results are delivered in hours with fewer false positives and deeper insights into security weaknesses that help prevent financial fraud and compliance violations.
What is an ERP Security Audit?

How It Works?

How it works?

The Appsian audit feature requires an agent that runs on any supported ERP system, located on-premise, hosted, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment. The agent collects security data from your ERP system, encrypts it, and then pushes it to Appsian. The information extracted is limited to security and access rights; no transactional data is uploaded.

The SaaS offering is hosted in AWS, and other local cloud service providers. It receives and decrypts the data, then runs the analysis and produces the reports. Users receive an email notification when the reports are ready, including links to access the audit results. In addition, the results can be viewed by authorized users from anywhere, at any time.

Appsian can add value in the following scenarios:

Appsian Can Add Value In The Following Scenarios:

  • When achieving and maintaining SOX/FDA compliance is too costly
  • You find it challenging to respond to external auditors
  • You have unresolved audit issues, and your next audit is approaching
  • You have no understanding of the risks and have no internal auditors to help
  • You have doubts about your security posture but don’t know how to start finding the gaps
  • You find it hard to get buy-in and budget for security improvements

Appsian’s Security Audit Is Available For

Oracle E-Business Suite | Oracle ERP Fusion Cloud | Edwards EnterpriseOne | JD Edwards World

Critical Benefits:

  • Accurate SoD Reporting
  • Insights That Simplify Remediation
  • Costs And Effort Reduction For Audit And Compliance
  • On-Demand And Shorter Audit Cycle
  • Better Protection Against Fraud
  • No Dependency On Technical Staff
  • Clear Information For Auditors And Business Manager
  • Speedy Identification Of Security Problems
Critical Benefits

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