ERP Modernization & Digital Transformation

Enhance Legacy Risk Management Processes and Access Controls

Legacy ERP Applications Lack Modern Controls

Today, organizations rely on the manual analysis of a small subset of business process data to detect risk. Resulting in time and resource intensive audits that try to detect actual violations in a sea of false positives. In addition, legacy ERP applications rely on static access controls that lack the ability to apply policies dynamically. The lack of ERP modernization can wreak havoc on risk management strategies.

Managing risk in today’s global business environment requires a mature control design. One that is both dynamic and enables the prevention of risk in real-time. Appsian Security enables ERP modernization by allowing organizations to utilize their role-based access control design, but also adding a secondary, dynamic authorization layer. Giving organizations the fastest path to modernizing how they manage access to data and manage critical business processes.

Gain Greater Control Over Your Risk Exposure with Appsian Security

  • Strengthen least privilege by dynamically controlling access to high-risk data and transactions based on where users are coming from
  • Use dynamic data masking and granular logging to rapidly scale data loss prevention and capture a complete audit trail of sensitive data access. 
  • Control Segregation of Duty violations at run-time, regardless of a user’s role-based privileges, to prevent SoD violations and capture an actionable audit trail.
  • Identify high-risk access, business rule violations, and anomalous activity with logging that captures data-level and contextual information in real-time.

Appsian Security Protects Data in a Dynamic Access Environment

The Modern Approach to ERP Data Protection

Start your ERP modernization journey with fine grained, layered security controls that monitor and govern user access at multiple levels.

  • Enhance Access Controls with Dynamic Authorization Policies

    Leverage the contextual attributes of access such as geolocation, time of day, and IP address to better control user access

  • Expand the Use of Data Masking

    Deploy dynamic data masking across all sensitive fields that might be a target for unauthorized activity

  • Enable Stepped-Up Multi-Factor Authentication

    Adding MFA at the transaction level ensures users re-authenticate if they are trying to access sensitive data

  • Capture and Visualize User Behavior

    Monitor data access and usage information and highlight anomalous behavior patterns that may indicate risk

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Unique Benefits of Appsian Security

  • Maximize Your ERP Modernization Investment

    Modernize legacy applications to meet current business and data privacy requirements

  • Modernize Risk Management

    Enable data privacy compliance with greater control and visibility over data access

  • Extend Access Beyond the Firewall

    Provide secure, remote access to users using dynamic & fine-grained authentication, authorization & visibility

  • Lightweight & Quick-to-Deploy Solutions

    Natively integrated into ERP web server without requiring customizations or additional servers


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