Hadassah Medical Center Reaches New Levels of SAP Optimization & Control with ProfileTailor GRC


A pioneer in adopting innovative technologies, Hadassah Medical Center began implementing SAP® over a decade ago, addressing extended functionalities such as logistics, financial, HCM, and more. By 2010, Hadassah Medical Center required a reliable monitoring and management solution that would assist in controlling SAP activities, as well as handle authorizations within the company – specifically HR/HCM module users.

After assessing other options Hadassah Medical Center chose Appsian’s ProfileTailor GRC solution, particularly for its short implementation process and high-performance level, enabling the organization to best achieve its defined goals. In 2011, with the objective of narrowing authorizations and reducing fraud, Hadassah Medical Center turned to Appsian once again asking to extend the installation of ProfileTailor GRC to include effective analysis of data gathered in the system.


ProfileTailor GRC was implemented successfully at Hadassah Medical Center, delivering detailed reports and accurate results within just three weeks. The organization was able to easily obtain a clear view, in real-time, of all employee activities, as well as effectively manage the allocation of SAP authorizations. The short implementation process saved Hadassah Medical Center 18% in maintenance costs alongside months of tedious manual work.

Following the expansion of ProfileTailor GRC in 2011, Hadassah Medical Center was able to effectively eliminate SAP_ALL users, in addition to closing inactive accounts – significantly reducing authorizations in the organization as demanded. Furthermore, the product’s ongoing monitoring and automated processes facilitated the inspection of sensitive and high-risk activities, reducing fraud and enhancing security across the organization.

Narrowing authorizations by ProfileTailor GRC is based on behavioral profiling analysis, guaranteeing optimized authorization consumption that accurately reflects real SAP needs and usage.


  • ProfileTailor GRC is installed externally to SAP and requires no changes to the SAP system
  • Continuous monitoring in real-time of all SAP users and activities enhances security and control
  • User behavior-based profiling achieves optimized authorization usage
  • Clear reports for easy and efficient management of the system

“ProfileTailor significantly increased the hospital’s security level by eliminating SAP_ALL authorizations, narrowing authorizations according to actual usage, and removing inactive users. We now have real-time insight into the actual SAP-related activity being performed by our employees.

The implementation took only 3 weeks and has reduced the risk of fraud and breach of privacy, months of manual work were avoided, and 18% has been saved on maintenance costs. We are very pleased with the results and highly recommend Appsian’s solution.”

Rafi Maman, SAP Division Manager,Hadassah Medical Center




ProfileTailor GRC


Hadassah Medical Center is a premier facility of healing, teaching, and research in Jerusalem. For nearly 100 years, Hadassah and its hospitals have been leaders in medicine and nursing in Israel, laying the foundations and setting the standards for the modern health care system. The majority of medical breakthroughs in Israel have taken place at Hadassah.

The first successful heart transplant was performed at Hadassah – as was the first robotic surgery and the world’s First Computer-Assisted Hip Replacement Surgery. In the 21st century, Hadassah has become known for instituting and implementing “The Medicine of Tomorrow” incorporating advanced solutions into “tailor-made” treatment.

  • Optimize authorization usage
  • Reduce business risk and fraud
  • Lower SAP maintenance expenses
  • Gain real-time insight into SAP activities
  • Smooth and rapid implementation, saving in maintenance expenses
  • Ongoing monitoring of SAP activity for complete control
  • Narrowing authorizations based on actual need and usage, reducing fraud and enhancing security
  • Monitoring sensitive activities and answering auditors’ requirements

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