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  • Appsian Dynamic Data Masking vs SAP UI Masking

    SAP Data Masking is becoming the go-to control to minimize data privacy and security risks without disrupting business processes. While SAP UI Masking is one option, many customers are turning to Appsian’s Dynamic Data Masking for its compatibility in ECC & S/4HANA, rapid scalability, and risk-based enforcement to balance the demands of business and security


  • Policy-Based SAP Data Masking

    Appsian Security’s dynamic SAP data masking capability provides customers with fine-grained control over which sensitive data fields customers can mask for any specified user, in the context of any situation. Unlike other data masking solutions, Appsian Security uses a single ruleset to define and mask data across the entire application.


  • Appsian’s Approach to RBAC plus ABAC

    Appsian enhances SAP’s role-based access controls with attribute-based access controls. This approach enables security policies to be dynamic and “data-centric,” leveraging a user’s context of access to determine access to data. Thus, reducing risk. Appsian overcomes the limitations of traditional RBAC, allowing you to fully align SAP security policies with the objectives of your business while streamlining audits and compliance.

  • Appsian And SAP GRC Access Controls
    Enhance Access Governance Dynamic Controls and Real-Time Visibility

    SAP GRC Access Control identifies and prevents access and authorization risks by ensuring that the right access is given to the right people based on an employee’s role. Unfortunately, these roles are static, meaning they do not leverage contextual attributes common in today’s dynamic workplace. They require manual updates as users move around the organization and change their job scope.

  • How to Prevent Fraud and Theft in SAP ERP Transactions

    Appsian enables SAP customers to effectively address the risks associated with ERP business transactions. By adding sophisticated controls that strengthen access policies and enhance logging & analytics capabilities – unauthorized activities that lead to fraud…

  • How to Uncover SAP Compliance Risks in Real-Time

    Compliance mandates like SOX, GDPR, CCPA and others require organizations to maintain details of data access. This information is currently not available out-of-the-box and leaves organizations exposed to compliance risks. Appsian’s Compliance Risk Analytics dashboard equips SAP customers with direct, real-time visibility into the activity around high-risk business transactions. Data access is logged and visualized in-service to rapid threat detection and response.

  • Mitigate SAP Data Exfiltration Risks

    Prevent data leakage from both privileged accounts and normal end-users by ensuring data can only leave SAP in secure environments.


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