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  • Appsian Real-Time Analytics for PeopleSoft

    Featuring visually rich, easily configurable dashboards, Appsian Real-Time Analytics answers the most critical questions that support the ongoing integrity of your sensitive business data. It is data-centric, enriched with full contextual detail.


  • Ensure PeopleSoft Finance and Supply Chain (FSCM) Data Remains Secure

    Enable FSCM customers to enhance their authentication strategies while core financial and supply chain transactions are executed remotely

  • Essential Security and Compliance for PeopleSoft

    Traditional ERP applications like PeopleSoft were designed to provide quick, easy access to data while remaining customizable for any business process. In 2020 the combination of easy access and relying on customizations creates ERP systems that 1) do not enable data security, 2) provide easy access for unauthorized activity, and 3) are unscalable webs of customizations that break with each application update. The status quo has become intolerable.

  • Secure Seamless PeopleSoft Authentication

    SAML helps pass user authorization between an identity provider and a service provider. Due to PeopleSoft’s lack of native SAML support, most SSO solutions require additional customizations, making them complex and expensive to maintain. Learn how Appsian’s turnkey SSO Integrator can alleviate these challenges

  • Secure High Value Transactions During Remote Access

    When organizations enable remote access, they need to ensure their data remains secure, yet accessible under the right circumstances.

  • Monitor High Privilege Users During Remote Access

    When enabling remote access, high privilege user accounts become vulnerable to security risks. Tracking these accounts should be a business objective for all organizations.

  • Best Practices for Securing PeopleSoft in a Mobile Environment

    Enabling mobile access to PeopleSoft is a primary objective for many organizations. Naturally, there are security concerns when making transactions available on the internet.

  • Dynamic Data Masking for PeopleSoft

    Combine Contextual DLP Policies with Dynamic Data Masking for Fine-Grained Control Over Sensitive Data Exposure

  • Comprehensive Multi-Layer PeopleSoft Security

    Appsian provides comprehensive security with protection at the Application, Transaction and Data layer. In a single platform, Appsian helps protect user identity with zero trust at the application layer, prevent role-level (segregation of duties) conflicts at the transaction layer, and protect PII at the UI (data) layer. All while delivering real-time security analytics that provides deep visibility into data access and usage.


  • How to integrate SAML with PeopleSoft for Single Sign-On

    Learn how Appsian integrates native SAML functionality in PeopleSoft to deliver a seamless Single Sign-On. Incorporate PeopleSoft into your enterprise IAM for maximum productivity and security

  • Evaluating an SSO for PeopleSoft? Here are the 6 questions you should ask your potential vendors

    Challenges frequently come up in the testing phases on a PeopleSoft Single Sign-On project. This is typically because organizations fail to address a few inherent issues that make an SSO for PeopleSoft successful. In this data sheet, we’ll give you the 6 questions that will help you avoid a failed SSO project

  • Effective Multi-Factor Authentication for PeopleSoft

    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has become essential for strengthening the security posture for PeopleSoft. However, integrating a 3rd party MFA can present challenges. As a work-around, many organizations scope extensive customizations that delay project completion and interfere with future PeopleSoft application updates. Also, these custom projects force the implementation of arbitrary rules that commonly lead to user friction due to ‘over-challenging’ during routine, low-risk transactions.

  • Real-Time User Activity Analytics for PeopleSoft

    Next-generation software for monitoring how your PeopleSoft data is accessed. By whom, how, and where.


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