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  • ReportsNow for Q Software: JD Edwards Reports and Dashboards

    ReportsNow for QSoftware (RN4QS) harnesses the advanced reporting facilities in ReportsNow to provide Q Software customers with interactive dashboards and reports that are easy to navigate and use. Jointly developed by ReportsNow and Q Software, RN4QS provides predefined dashboards and reports to complement our on-premise solutions. RN4QS also includes a full ReportsNow Designer license which enables you to create new reports on any JD Edwards or Q Software data.

  • QCloud Security Audits for JD Edwards

    QCloud is a Cloud-based audit service which analyzes your ERP security and Segregation of Duties (SoD). Simply login to QCloud, request an audit and the results are delivered within hours. With minimal technical effort and training required for installation, you can receive accurate audit reports whenever you want. Using QCloud, you will benefit from the in-depth knowledge of our security and audit experts, and shine a light on vulnerabilities that many people overlook.

  • Build Efficient, Sustainable and Scalable JD Edwards Security

    Managing security in JD Edwards can be extremely complex and time-consuming, with lots of redundant effort. Spreadsheets are prone to error, also difficult to monitor the version and changes made, leading to risks within live security table. Security Manager Pro is completely integrated into the JD Edwards environment, built on a set of custom programs and tables that enable efficient security management at Role level. Access to data can be restricted to authorized users only with complete audit-trail of changes.

  • Proactively Monitor Common Frauds within JD Edwards

    The three key approaches to ensuring an ERP system is not the subject of internal fraud are controlling access, setting up Segregation of Duties, and setting up alerts on critical data. Fraud Detector fits very well with the Q Software tools for Access control and SoD, by enabling the user to selectively set up alerts against areas of the system that are concerning. Changes to key data entities such as the Address Book or even Payroll data can be monitored, and Management informed of suspicious activity.

  • Control Key Fraud Risks in JDE with Access Analysis and SoD

    Native JD Edwards EnterpriseOne contains no functionality to help manage SoD or to facilitate compliance reporting. To manage these using spreadsheets and manual checks is cumbersome and time-consuming. Audit Manager enables to maintain an SoD model within JD Edwards environment and runs regular checks to identify users with access permissions that might violate your SoD policy. It provides ability to drill down to investigate any SoD conflict issue, and remediate it with accurate information.

  • Achieve Robust JDE Security with Quick and Easy Tools

    Complexities within the JDE application, deter many organizations from implementing a security tool, which can lead to huge risks and even frauds. QuickTools use a 3-step approach to make it much easier to implement and manage role-based security directly on the F00950 in your JD Edwards, tailored to your needs.

  • Efficient and Auditable User Provisioning for JD Edwards

    Federal or industry regulations, such as HIPAA or SOX mandate organizations to document, internal controls and processes that adequately manage access to different types of information. User Admin Manager (UAM), provides a configurable workflow to automate the process of requesting, approving and provisioning roles, including proactive Segregation of Duties checks prior to assigning Roles.

  • Automate Periodic Access Review within JD Edwards

    Conducting Periodic Access Reviews can be an extremely painful process, and requires a lot of technical effort to produce access reports. Users find it difficult to wade through reams of unintelligible data to extract meaningful information. With our Periodic Access Review, organizations can automate and simplify the process, and easily produce evidence for auditors.

  • Accurate View of JD Edwards License Usage

    As business grows and changes, it’s important to ensure that your ERP licensing is aligned with current business needs. QCloud License Audit is a Cloud-based service which analyzes user access in your JD Edwards system to identify the licensing requirements and identifies users with redundant access for optimum license utilization.


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