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Turn Oracle EBS Log Data Into Actionable Insight with Appsian360™

By Scott Lavery • November 17, 2020

Turn Oracle EBS Log Data Into Actionable Insight with Appsian360™

Receiving actionable data from the logs of legacy ERP applications like Oracle EBS can be like finding a needle in a haystack. After being forced to correlate logs from multiple sources, data access and usage information, along with valuable contextual details are not captured. Thus, leaving organizations open to a myriad of security and compliance risks from bad actors, both external and internal alike.

Fortunately, Appsian is pleased to shed light where native Oracle EBS logs are leaving organizations in the dark –  with the release of Appsian360™, the only analytics platform that enhances existing logs with precise data access and usage details, along with contextual information so you can quickly understand who is accessing sensitive data – when, how, and why.

Join us for an exclusive preview of Appsian360™ for Oracle EBS as we walk through a number of the most common use cases that are the most challenging to detect with native logging functionality.

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