Boost Compliance with Automated SoD Management for Oracle

Automate Your Oracle SoD Controls To Steer Clear of Conflicts & Violations

What is Segregation of Duties?

Segregation of duties (SoD) ensures a user’s access privileges do not come into conflict or potentially violate business policies. In practice, SoD divides business processes between multiple users to limit the risk of fraud and error. Successfully managing Oracle SoD conflicts is also key to achieving compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). Many companies don’t spot SoD violations quickly enough to prevent malicious activity or expensive errors.


Implementing effective Oracle SoD controls and reporting on violations in your Oracle ERP Apps (like E-Business Suite (EBS) or JD Edwards is very challenging, often involving complex spreadsheets, manual cross-checking, or off-the-box solutions. Today, manual Oracle SoD processes involve analyzing a small sample of your transaction data in order to detect possible SoD conflicts. However, these processes get an incomplete picture, so by the time you have performed the analysis, the information could already be out of date, with subsequently updated access rights causing new conflicts that go undetected.


Appsian provides the most comprehensive solution for streamlining, managing, and enforcing SoD for Oracle EBS or JD Edwards, to empower a more proactive approach. The solution is tightly integrated into your Oracle ERP applicationOracle EBS to provide full visibility of SoD related risks. It makes it much easier to protect your business and satisfy Sarbanes-Oxley (SoX) compliance regulations.

How it works?

Appsian automates and enforces SoD across Oracle ERP apps EBS to keep the system clean with preventive controls. Our Segregation of Duties solution removes the onerous workload by enabling you to implement effective SoD controls within your Oracle EBS or JD Edwards live system. With it you can:

  • Implement your own Oracle EBS or JD Edwards SoD rules quickly, or adapt our seeded rules to suit your needs
  • Scan your live system to detect existing conflicts, and report them ranked by the degree of risk
  • Investigate problems and fix them quickly


Our tools have preventive controls which help you to enforce SoD policy for your Oracle ERP apps. They enable you to:

  • Preview the SoD impact of proposed changes to Responsibilities
  • Prevent users from accessing functions that would violate your SoD rules.

Key Features

  • Pre-seeded rules
  • Fast scanning engine
  • User exceptions
  • Access requests and approvals
  • Rank based rules and notifications


  • Better SoD controls for a fraction of the effort

  • Build robust, proactive, manageable SoD controls into your live system

  • Up-to-date SoD status information is available on demand

  • Prevent future SoD violations

  • Keep your system clean with regular SoD reporting

  • Reduce the workload needed to prepare for your audits


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