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Unifying GRC, IAM, and Data Security Reduces Risk While Improving Shareholder Confidence

ERP transactions are the most common areas of fraud, theft, and error – all leading to non-compliance. And non-compliance comes with strong monetary consequences. In addition, data breaches can cause a multitude of financial challenges including lost business, damage to reputation, and compliance penalties.

Challenges In The Modern Business Environment

ERP systems like Oracle, SAP, and PeopleSoft are reliable for running your business, but they lack the functionality to keep up with today’s security and compliance requirements. With mobile access being demanded, these systems are accessed by a multitude of users in a myriad of contexts – many of which lead to unauthorized activity. This activity can neither be stopped or (in most cases) identified until the damage is done.

In addition, manual processes have forced most business process risks to be identified in hindsight. Leaving little ability to prevent violations in real-time.

How Appsian Can Help

Appsian Security delivers enhanced, contextually-aware access controls and deep visibility into sensitive financial transactions. Appsian’s detailed analytics helps you get the information you need to ensure transactions are being carried out in accordance with business policies. Comprehensive solutions for managing and preventing segregation of duties, along with automated provisioning/de-provisioning make reducing your risk exposure streamlined and simple.

Key Features

Policy-Based Data Protection

Implement data masking in SAP using a single, one-to-many policy enhancement. Dynamically enforce data masking and data exfiltration rules based on context to protect data in high-risk access scenarios

Preventive Business Process Controls

Enforce business rules with a technical control that can set limits at the field level, consider previous activity, and minimize reliance on manual compensating controls

Risk-Aware Dynamic Authorizations

Align controls to real-world risk by extending authorization logic to include contextual attributes such as IP address, location, time of day, previous activity, and more

Data-Centric Analytics & Continuous Monitoring

Combine granular insights with enriched processing to capture the information you want, when you want it – without the noise or manual effort

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