The state of ERP data security has changed, and the experts at Appsian have seen the effects first-hand. Adding further pressure, regulatory bodies like the European Union have introduced data privacy mandates (ex. GDPR) that add a significant liability for organizations with vast amounts of PII residing in their ERP systems.

Appsian, a Best in Class ERP data security leader, has released their latest report defining (4) of the most prolific ERP breach types. By exploring real-world examples, this white paper will discuss how ERP systems are especially vulnerable to these types of threats and recommendations will be provided to help prevent your organization from becoming the next headline-grabbing breach victim.

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Cross Application Support

Appsian supports the broadest set of business applications, with controls and compliance content to enable better decisions and analysis of application access.

Across-Application Support

Appsian is uniquely able to measure, enforce and optimize controls for processes that span multiple applications.

Mitigation of Risk

Stop transactions in real-time that pose risk to the business process or violate compliance requirement. Mask sensitive data for viewing and download to fix issues that we found from did do analysis.

Workflow Automation

Granular workflow capabilities for the creation and enforcement of groups and roles, including de-provisioning to least privileged access, auto-terminate suspicious sessions​ and no-touch user access reviews​.

Integrate with Leading IAM Technologies

Supported ERP Platforms

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