Real-Time User behavior Monitoring and Threat Detection

Enable Rapid Incident Response. Protect PeopleSoft and SAP ERP Data Against Potential Threats

Using the power of real-time user monitoring, Appsian enables you to detect and respond to potential risks – before further damage is done. Appsian Analytics combines a visually rich interface that is easy to configure and maintain, with granular data access and usage information. Thus, helping you uncover even the most subtle and nuanced threats.

Appsian’s Real-Time Analytics leverages advanced logging data  and populates pre-configured dashboards that allow administrators to drill into access trends based on:

  • Individual IP’s
  • User privilege and geographic location
  • Data sensitivity level
  • Failed login or authentication attempts

Key Features

  • Provide Role-based dashboards
  • Capture PeopleSoft access events
  • Capture taxonomy for users, sensitivity of content, and known locations
  • Allow administrators to drill down into analytics to answer additional questions

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Solution Brief

Establish Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance in PeopleSoft

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