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Appsian Releases Appsian360, the First Data Access & Usage Analytics Platform for SAP and PeopleSoft

By Michael Cunningham • July 21, 2020

Appsian Releases Appsian360, the First Data Access & Usage Analytics Platform for SAP and PeopleSoft

Appsian360 provides real-time data access and usage visibility previously unavailable to SAP and Oracle ERP customers.

DALLASJuly 21, 2020  — Appsian, the global leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data security and compliance solutions, today announced the release of their latest offering, Appsian360. As the first and only analytics platform specifically designed for traditional ERP applications, Appsian360 fills critical visibility gaps for organizations of all sizes and across all industries, specifically related to understanding granular levels of ERP data access & usage.

Appsian360 addresses a steadily widening ERP visibility gap, exacerbated by organizations enabling remote and mobile access to their users. Specifically, a lack of detailed insights regarding how, when, and by whom transactions and data fields are being accessed. This lack of visibility exposes organizations to a myriad of data security and compliance threats like hacking (phishing), along with fraud and theft from internal users. All of which result in the loss of millions of dollars each year.

“Appsian360 is about knowing who is doing what – at a very granular level. For years, organizations have been operating with limited visibility. Unfortunately, current threats to ERP data have made this status quo completely intolerable. Organizations can now get the visibility they need, which Appsian360 shows right away,” said Piyush Pandey, CEO at Appsian. 

“The beauty of Appsian360 is it’s a comprehensive solution that provides actionable insights,” added Pandey. “Security and compliance leaders can drill into specific data access and know exactly who is doing what, where, and why. With that level of deep, contextual information, any ‘red flag’ incidents can undergo a rapid response plan. We know that forensic investigations and ‘time to mitigation’ costs organizations countless amounts of money – and we’re pleased that Appsian360 can alleviate much of this burden.” 

Join Appsian for an exclusive preview of Appsian360, as they host a virtual demonstration on Thursday, August 13. You can register here:

For more information about Appsian360, please visit

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Appsian enables organizations to fill critical data security and compliance gaps in ERP applications like Oracle PeopleSoft and SAP (ECC and S/4HANA.) As a bolt-on solution, Appsian delivers a comprehensive suite of fine-grained, risk-aware access controls, continuous monitoring, and analytics capabilities designed to proactively detect potential business risks. To learn more, please visit 

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