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Appsian Security Announces Acquisition of GRC Software Leader, Xpandion

By Scott Lavery • May 3, 2021

Appsian Security Announces Acquisition of GRC Software Leader, Xpandion

The acquisition helps unify critical data security and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) technologies for ERP applications like SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle PeopleSoft.

Dallas, TXMay 4, 2021— Appsian Security, the global leader of ERP data security solutions, today announced the acquisition of Xpandion, a GRC software leader focused on cross-application authorization management, identity access management, and segregation of duties. The acquisition will provide organizations with a comprehensive, integrated approach to automating their authorization lifecycle while dynamically controlling access to sensitive business data – all, in service to preventing business policy violations and data breaches in ERP applications.

“Today’s business landscape requires ubiquitous access to business applications that are simply not equipped to ensure proper governance, security, and compliance,” said Piyush Pandey, CEO of Appsian Security. “Effectively managing risk requires a holistic approach that breaks down the silos between information technology, information security, audit, and compliance. By bringing Xpandion into the Appsian Security family, organizations will have the unique opportunity to combine identity, access management, governance, and segregation of duties (compliance) altogether. We’re creating the most comprehensive and streamlined approach to combating today’s challenging and dynamic access risks.”

For 14 years, Xpandion has innovated how organizations approach GRC for SAP, along with a wide range of other business applications. Xpandion focuses on helping organizations automate the full lifecycle of their authorizations, including requests, risk analysis, provisioning/de-provisioning, and monitoring of authorization usage. In the 2020 Kuppingercole Leadership Compass Report for Access Control Tools for SAP Environments, Xpandion emerged as a market leader.

“Xpandion’s value to our customers is our ability to reduce the time and complexity around user authorizations,” said Moshe Panzer, CEO of Xpandion. “Thanks to Appsian Security’s tight integration with ERP applications, and their ability to dynamically control and monitor access to business data, organizations can achieve truly game-changing levels of control and visibility. Many of our customers have requested us to add capabilities like Appsian’s for years, and now we are very proud to be able to come back to them with one solution for all their needs. The stakes around security and GRC have never been higher, and I’m confident we’re delivering unprecedented levels of value to our customers.”

Leaders from Appsian Security and Xpandion will be hosting a virtual showcase on Wednesday, May 26th, to demonstrate the Xpandion platform and discuss valuable best practices around GRC and how to automate the authorization lifecycle. Go HERE for more information and to register.

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