Executive Order 13636 promotes industry collaboration on cybercrime

By Chris Heller • February 17, 2015

Now we’re getting somewhere…

Obama recently signed Executive Order 13636 to much fanfare at Stanford University. Of particular interest to us is encouragement of the creation of information-sharing groups, called hubs, built around vertical industry sectors. 

We’re getting ready to release Phase 1 of our ERP Security Analytics & Intrusion Prevention platform (ESAIP) to our Early Adopter customers. As an extension of our ERP Firewall product (currently in use at more than 30 customers), ESAIP includes a Big Data component that aggregates anonymized data across all ESAIP customers, essentially creating a “common denominator” foundation for sharing of ERP event data.

You can think of ESAIP as a “neighborhood watch” for ERP – a cyber threat at one ESAIP customer is automatically shared with all ESAIP customers.

Therefore, ESAIP offers a real-world platform that supports Executive Order 13636’s directive for organizations to share cyber threat data.

Think NORAD for ERP. Stay tuned…..

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