How to Detect PeopleSoft Security Threats with Real-Time Analytics

By Michael Cunningham • April 12, 2022

PeopleSoft applications process and store vast amounts of customer, employee, and financial data that are constantly accessed by an increasing number of users from various locations, devices, and network connections. These dynamic access requirements make detecting PeopleSoft security threats a significant challenge. Unfortunately, PeopleSoft has static security controls and manual reporting, creating blind spots that result in security and compliance gaps.

In this Appsian solution demo, you’ll learn how to detect PeopleSoft security threats such as brute force attacks and logins from multiple IP addresses with Real-Time Analytics.


An inconvenient truth is that PeopleSoft logging capabilities are inadequate for meeting today’s dynamic security requirements. Appsian uses an in-depth understanding of PeopleSoft logging to capture granular, real-time information on who a user is, what they’re trying to access, and where they’re coming from.

Appsian’s real-time analytics platform, Appsian360, correlates and translates this unstructured log activity into actionable information. Equipping you with real-time visualized dashboards to quickly spot PeopleSoft security threats and other suspicious activity and drill down to root out issues.

Here’s a specific example from an organization that used Appsian360 to detect and respond to a brute force attack. They had just put changes into production the night before and detected that they were being hit with 3,500 logins a minute. At first, they thought they broke the system and were preparing to roll the project out of projection. Fortunately, they could quickly track down the IP addresses originating the attack and block them on the external firewall.

Appsian captured and displayed the appropriate data so the company could understand the problem and respond with the proper steps to effectively resolve the issue in a very short period of time.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you take a contextual, granular-level approach to secure your PeopleSoft environment. And enable you to detect and respond to PeopleSoft security threats such as brute force attacks, logins from multiple IP addresses, and many more.

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