Breach fatigue

By Chris Heller • December 18, 2014

I heard a term yesterday that frightened me – Breach Fatigue (being in the Security business can make one paranoid).

As a leader in Security technology solutions for ERP, we’ve talked to thousands of organizations about their Security protocols. Many get it and are fully committed to implementing technology and best practices to protect from internal and external breach.

I said ‘many’….unfortunately, I can’t say ‘most.’

A consistent position we observe at organizations purportedly interested in adopting new technology can be characterized as – complacent. Earlier this year we met with a large higher education institution’s Associate CIO who told us – I’m paraphrasing – “we’re going to get hacked no matter what so why should we spend lots of money when it won’t stop the inevitable.”

Wow! Textbook on how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

While there’s lots of press and gnashing of teeth over well-publicized breaches, we still don’t see widespread adoption of Two-Factor Authentication and/or Logging for ERP, two amazingly simple and cost effective technologies to implement and manage.

Breach fatigue will serve to distract people. The movie ‘The Interview’ was pulled from release. At what cost? Does anybody really care? 500+ million digital identities have been compromised. FBI Director Comey warned there are 2 types of companies in the US – those that have been breached and those that don’t know they’ve been breached.

Breach fatigue. Complacency. Frightening.

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