State of Ohio Enables Native SAML Compatibility in PeopleSoft for Seamless Single Sign-On


Following an executive mandate, the State of Ohio’s Bureau of Personnel and Department of Taxes set out to establish a Single Sign-On solution for all applications to improve security and usability. After hitting a roadblock with PeopleSoft’s lack of SAML support, the State turned to Appsian for its native PeopleSoft SSO Connector to quickly integrate their identity provider with PeopleSoft.


Like most modern identity providers, Microsoft Azure Active Director uses SAML – the widely accepted identity federation standard. However, PeopleSoft applications do not support native SAML compatibility. Due to the lack of SAML support, the Ohio government risked PeopleSoft applications being isolated from their enterprise-wide SSO initiative altogether.


The State of Ohio utilized Appsian’s PeopleSoft SSO Connector to achieve a simple, extensible, and easy-to-maintain SSO solution across their PeopleSoft applications. Using the configurable plugin, the State was able to simulate communication between PeopleSoft and their identity provider. Thus, centralizing identity management for all enterprise applications alike.


Being the only turnkey solution for native SAML compatibility in PeopleSoft, Appsian’s PeopleSoft SSO Connector allowed the State of Ohio to support their SAML-based identity provider without any code customizations to PeopleSoft or additional infrastructure. The State’s administration unified the organization with the Single Sign-On solution and delivered the value of seamless login and improved security to their employees.


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Ohio’s state government consists of several cabinet and administrative departments spanning more than 20 agencies. As a long-time PeopleSoft customer, the State has made a significant investment in developing and deploying a full range of PeopleSoft applications.

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