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A sophisticated ERP security and compliance strategy can be achieved in just a few weeks!

Whether you’re looking to strengthen PeopleSoft authentication, streamline SAP risk management, implement dynamic access controls, or enhance your visibility – the ERP security and compliance experts at Appsian are here to discuss your specific goals and objectives.

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Hackensack Meridian Health Securely Expands Access to 100% of PeopleSoft

After partnering with Appsian, Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) began securely exposing select PeopleSoft HCM transactions to their work force, with the intention of continuing to slowly roll-out more transactions over time.

After developing their roadmap, (resulting in multiple Oracle Innovation Awards) they entered March 2020 poised to face one of the biggest challenges any IT team in healthcare would likely see. Quickly moving employee and leader self-service transactions of PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM to the internet, while unprecedented levels of cybercrime spurred by the emergence of COVID-19.


Appsian Advantages

Lightweight, Rapid Implementation

Appsian solutions are designed to provide maximum benefit without adding customizations or complexity. Appsian’s solutions are configurable to your ERP applications and are installed inside the application web server. No underlying code is effected, there is no disruption from future application updates, and no hardware is required. Implementation typically takes less than 30 days and only requires a couple hours of ‘hands-on-keyboard- interaction with Appsian support teams.

Protect Your ERP Investment

ERP investments are years (and millions of dollars) in the making. ERP migrations and large-scale ‘ripe-and-replace’ projects are disruptive to business operations. Appsian gives you the power to leverage your current ERP investment by enhancing your systems, so you can achieve the access control and visibility required to combat modern security and compliance threats. With Appsian, you can achieve a lower total cost of ownership over the life of your ERP systems.


Cyber criminals evolve their tactics every day, taking their time to hone their strategy to inflict maximum damage. This ever-changing landscape keeps security professionals up at night as they never feel like they’re fully protected. Appsian’s security solutions remove the variables that keep you in a constant state of vulnerability: creative hackers, human error, malicious insiders, and more. None of these threats are a match for solutions that are fine-grained, governed by a robust rules engine, and designed to give you maximum visibility.

Data Security Without User Friction

With Appsian, users can move seamlessly inside ERP applications and only encounter authentication challenges or data access restrictions If their context of access warrants it. Thus, eliminating a lot of the user friction that comes with enhancing data security. Appsian enables your security and business teams to have their policies fully aligned without either compromising system integrity or access to critical business transactions. With Appsian, you can strike a perfect balance between security and productivity.

Manage Access in a Dynamic (Mobile)
Environment Using ABAC

Managing ERP access using static, roles-based access controls (RBAC) is not effective at preventing unauthorized access. Because static roles do not consider the context of access. A high privilege role retains their rights if access is occurring from overseas, in the middle of the night, on a mobile device and much more. Appsian can strengthen your existing static roles using dynamic, attribute-based access controls (ABAC) that enable you to have full control over data access – in a variety of contexts.

Gain Real-Time, Actionable Insights
Using Appsian360

Relying on native logging features to understand the “what, who, why and how” around ERP data access and usage is a manual, time-consuming task. Certainly not effective for compliance audits or threat remediation. This is because native logging features were designed for system troubleshooting – not forensics. Appsian360 provides detailed access and usage information, giving you the insights needed to swiftly respond to threats and automate compliance audits.

Strengthen (and Scale) ERP Data Security & Compliance

Today’s security threats include hacking, phishing, brute force attacks, privilege misuse, data exfiltration and many more – all of which evolve in sophistication. These risks pose the greatest threat to the systems exposed to the open internet. Taking a ‘data-centric’ approach to ERP security allows your business and security policies to evolve alongside these threats; ensuring your strategies remain agile, focused on data (rather than roles) and enable you to leverage your current ERP investment (vs. a forced migration to the cloud.)

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