Now Introducing PeopleSoft Security Analytics (Preview Available)

By Scott Lavery • February 5, 2018

GreyHeller is proud to announce the arrival of

PeopleSoft Security Analytics

Next-generation software providing actionable insights into how your PeopleSoft data is being accessed – where and by whom.

Enterprise data security professionals understand that identifying potential cyber-crime hinges on one’s ability to spot trends within data. After all, your system isn’t filled with red lasers (think Mission Impossible) that once tripped, sets off a series of blaring alarms. Successful cyber criminals have all the time in the world to formulate their strategy, gather what they need to access your system, and take what they want! Unfortunately, you don’t have all the time in the world to stop them!

GreyHeller’s PeopleSoft Security Analytics software visualizes the data trends that tell the story of how, where, and by whom your data is being accessed:

  • Access volume by IP
  • Geographic location of access
  • Access trends by data sensitivity level
  • Access trends by user privilege level

Data visualization solutions are essential for understanding the granular details that can be the difference between a secure system and a catastrophic data breach. In order to help you be proactive before you’re forced to be reactive – we are providing a sneak peek demonstration at PeopleSoft Security Analytics:

 Wednesday February 14th at 1:00 PM CST (11AM PST.)

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